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Bug Appeal

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Hello, I wanted to report my ban in LokaMc, I am xCheaterFx but I cannot appeal with my forum account because I do not have one and I never had it, it was my mistake, a friend lent me his account is called TR4SH4RS if it is prohibited I apologize but it is I have come to give my appeal that the assumptions of X-rays were prohibited and well I come to tell the story, there is a type of glitch or bug that I come to explain and it is about the invisible blocks that you have to modify the file (options) of % appdata% and put it in 1 piece with that during the flight (with elytra) and when leaving the servers you get practically all the invisible blocks, with that you can see mobs, that's why they banned me, I just came to report that I did not use any kind of x-ray. Those who have a PC with few resources will be able to see that the blocks have errors. I come to remember that no type of xray works. Loka has anti-xray

I came to report this bug, which I see is vanilla and not any modification from elsewhere. Sorry for my English but I did it through google translate.
Hopefully they can respond to comments without toxicity :(


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In 1.15 the load of chunks is very bad, this can be confirmed by anyone, this has happened to me countless times that I am logging, the world does not load me and I see through the walls, when that happens I have to restart all mc and it is a little annoying, also that with my pc of 1gb of ram it only worsens everything..


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+1 ^ this is fax and there's also a 2 render distance glitch which lets you see people through like mountains and stuff like this guy named Lurn.


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this is true with many bad computers. when i played on my sisters Cratop it would practically let you see thru blocks. especially while shifting.


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+1 this is such a stupid ban, especially for a first warning. you shouldn't be banned because chunks aren't loading in. He clearly wasn't hacking, didn't get SS'd, and moreover, he should've been banned for xraying instead of hacking. Xraying also carries max punishment of 1 week which makes this even stupider


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Abusing bugs in vanilla minecraft or otherwise is still a breach of our rules.

3.1. Don't abuse any bug, whether it be a bug with the game minecraft or a feature of the server. Please report any bug found immediately using /report. Do not inform others about the bug or use it yourself.

Your ban length is only 2 weeks, which is fairly lenient considering the extent you used this bug. As a result, we see no reason to shorten the ban length. The items obtained/stolen using said bug will be removed. Please familiarise yourself with the rules before you return.

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