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Suggestion Biome Related Mob spawns


New Member
Being aware of the way Loka manages her spawns and such, I have a suggestion to balance out the insane amount of Vex spawns that are unreasonable in the caves, and they follow:

Biome related mobs. Attached are 2 mobs I created that should balance into the Loka system however the videos are mainly for show and the mobs themselves need a couple of tweaks.



New Member
If you think they're unreasonable now I think they used to spawn in considerably higher numbers?
that's true, I have been told of this. What I am trying to suggest is to take advantage of knowledge and skills that I can offer in my free time to add to the well-developed face of Loka.


Active Member
It sounds like what you're looking to do is contribute to Loka with your skills. In this case it seems you are clearly interested in the PvE side of things. We have a staff role for that, which you can apply for. So if you think that's something you might be interested in, then there's a few things you can do to go about doing that.

Learn about applications and applying for ranks here. It gives you some insight into the application process and what you can expect when applying.

From there you can learn more specifically about the PvE role within this post. It will explain the duties, requirements, and application template.

From there you can go to the staff applications section and apply for the role if you think it's for you.

All of this info is also easy to find within the Applications and Ranks section of the forums. I hope this helps!