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Implement in Future Biome control based on alliance claims instead of town claims


  • yes

    Votes: 12 70.6%
  • no

    Votes: 5 29.4%

  • Total voters
So, the current system for biome control on Loka is basically just giving control to whichever town has the most amount of territory in a biome. This can get messy for alliances though, because instead of viewing the alliance as one giant town, it just sees the town individual claims. This can get a little messy because for example 3 towns in an alliance with 4 territories each in a biome (amounting to 12 territories) would lose control to a lone town with 5 territories, so in the current situation it leaves alliances to have to have 1 town carry the bulk of the territories. Sure, that might work for some but realistically it would be easier on all ends to just count alliance control based on the alliances not towns. Also, if 2 towns in an alliance had the same amount of territory in a biome, it would turn on territory control. So, to sum it all up the proposed idea is to basically count which alliances have the biggest claim on a biome instead of towns.


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Only downside I can think of is that the bigger alliances would basically dominate the biomes without question, as no other Town or Alliance could vie for control of a biome controlled by an Alliance with several strong Towns.

I'd definitely like to see this implemented unless someone comes up with a big consequence!


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I know it's technically against the forum rules to bump a dead thread, however I'd rather bump this one than make a whole new one requesting the exact same thing. I feel that this feature is extremely important to implement and I'd love nothing more than to see this. I can say that I'm currently in a situation that would greatly benefit from this; as of right now it is very easy to take away my biome control because I only own 5 territories in the biome, but if it was alliance wide the alliance would control 8 territories making it harder for people to take it.


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I thought bumping threads was allowed if you felt it still contributed towards the server in a way to help it ?


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if so, then bumpity bump bump

still supporting this and waiting for this to get a reply from admins