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Biggest Fails


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What's a big fail you made on Loka that you totally should have seen coming but didn't? This thread is to appreciate and laugh with each other at some good old stupid moments.

To get things started here are some of mine:
Going AFK on an RI with my Elytra on and a Lore Sword.
Getting stuck in a small cobblestone walled off area.
Dragging a Llama over the Ascalon mountains only to have a creeper blow it up 10 blocks from my house. (I wish this was a joke)
Dying to the horseman with a mending set (He picked it up)
Lagging in a Wither fight then dying consequently getting every other person there killed too. Also I lost another Mending set this way lol.


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Whenever I first made a town we took over the ruins of Amberfall. Unfortunately old old towns didn't build their towns around the new hexagon system which resulted in our walls having half the city split off. Was quite ugly


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Hmh.... hard one.... I would have to say that my biggest fail was heading back to the end ship with several shulker shells and endstone (and some prot 4 on me) . I started crossing a gap where I had made a cobble bridge several hours earlier, I was about 10 blocks away from an island when the cobble bridge despawned, letting me fall in the cold void. (and yes... I quit playing for several days after that because I was so upset ;P)


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I was randomly exploring Kalros when I fell into the silverhand crater just to find out they don't have an open way out. Had to /kill myself leaving my diamond gear behind in a random mailbox


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New ones from me that I remembered:
I got too close to an end crystal while fighting the dragon.
Went to a dead town and pinged every covenant radar along the way. (This was when we were enemies.)
I got bow spammed to death when I forgot potions for a raid.
Trying to gank an enemy while trying to convince another enemy to help me because our alignments were messed up


Holy smokes this is my new favorite thread! :p
<Plugs Misadventures>
Actually though, I've had too many of these moments. But it's fine, I've accepted my fate now.
Best Fail: Death by Slime
Honorable Misadventures:
Getting stuck in the stair case leading to the Dread Fort. (Steve actually had to save me. By dropping me an ender pearl.)
Going to the RI's in iron and then accidentally revealing my location in chat.
Getting killed by an elytra fly over after going afk for five seconds to check discord.
Trying to go to the RI again with iron. (I never learn do I?)
Dying by missing a simple gap jump and then losing a bunch of shulkers while thwarting.
Good times!


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I was trying to raid Legios and saw a drop into their storage. Not knowing if escape would be possible, I put my god set, lored pickaxe, and elytra into a nearby chest so I could return later and grab it if I had to /kill. Suddenly I noticed everything I put in the chest was gone.

I had put my stuff into a deposit chest for their storage. Hoppers took my items. GG.


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Lost another mending set because I didn't watch myself /log at the RI and got killed by vexes while I was afk. Starting to notice a trend here... (happened today)


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When I stated I was lost in Garama RI with lored stuff and eletrya at the fishing tourny area and Bourne came and killed me.
When on my first day I decided to place on Eldritch for Thanius raiding us.

(Hi Than, Hi Bourne!)