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bat3415 for Guardian

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Age: 17

Current rank:

Which rank you are applying for:

What you think is expected of this rank:
Guardians must remain unbiased in their rulings as admins. They must be on discord and the forums regularly to keep updated, as well as keeping up on players x-ray levels and player's bug reports and other reports in the list of hundreds :p. In addition to this, Guardian's must act professionally and assist players where they may have trouble, as well as helping them with questions they may have. They must never raid or give players information about who they were raided by, etc. As well as keeping an eye on players who are new to the server to ensure they are playing in accordance of the rules. (http://lokamc.com/forums/index.php?threads/full-rules-list.475/)

Why you think you should become this rank:
For quite a while I didn't want to be a Guardian, I saw myself stopping at Sentry and not continuing up the ladder, as I thought there would never come a time where I didn't see the fun in raiding. However, recently, that has changed, given how hard it has become to raid, combined with the amount of wealth I have amassed, I don't have any reason to be raiding anymore, seeing as how it's the main thing I did, it presented quite a conundrum, I love this server, and have always wanted to help it, and I love participating in conquest fights, but if the main thing I do on it isn't fun to me anymore, what to do? Not quit, of course, that would be asinine, I decided to apply for Guardian, so I can continue to help the server in a new way, as well as finding a new "thing" to do on this server, so I have a new excuse to be on it all weekend :p. In addition to this, I have noticed something I have even found myself saying quite a bit, "we need to wait for a Guardian to do so and so" I don't fault the current admins, they have lives, of course, and are not on all hours of the day, however, I think I just happen to be on at all of the times a Guardian is needed and one is not present :p. Also, my main point that I have to come back to, I want to help this server and its community, and as a Guardian I am certain that I can help the server and the people on it far more than I ever could have by raiding and pillaging.

When you started playing on the server: Late October(?) of 2015

Time zone:

How often do you play (hours a day/week):
I am typically on for between 2-3 hours on weekdays, and 5 hours- all day on weekends, however I am always on discord and checking the forums at least once a day for new threads.

Well, now that that's over, I step forward for judgement, I admit I have not had the most clean past on the server as many can attest, but all of my mistakes have been my own, and I have learned from them, and now, as Cryptite has told me,"Your sins must be laid bare, like with all of us."

Thank You in advance for your feedback, whatever it may be.


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Since you've become a Sentry, I've noticed a huge difference in how you act. (Less trolly, more helpful, ect.)

As long as you continue to act as you have recently, and remain unbiased in everything, I'd be happy to welcome you to the team. :)

Also yes, another guardian means I have slightly more time to do my homework. Please.

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