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Ban Appeal - AbusiveReject

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I have been perm banned from Lokamc for saying Racist/Derogatory words to a player on the server. What I typed in the chat was entered in a joking way as I was already perm muted at the time and I had no idea that staff could see. if I knew beforehand I wouldn't have even tried. either way, what I said shouldn't have been saying and it is my fault completely for saying those words in chat and I am genuinely sorry for that and I apologize for what I said to the person. I accept every and any punishment that comes my way but I would appreciate it if my ban could be shortened or I could get unbanned with a perm mute. I hope the staff can forgive me for what I did and I genuinely am apologetic for the stuff I said.


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you are in bits and i want to win this month. also you are racist and not funny enough to make it worth having u back
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