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asymptonic anniversary 16/02/2020


Staff member
Old One
Luchor joined the game.
[Niflheim] Luchor: He's just gotten through.
[Niflheim] Luchor: My FACE!
[Niflheim] Luchor: He can't have gotten far.
[Niflheim] Luchor: Yes, I know, he had almost fallen for it, and now he's fallen through the gate.
[Niflheim] Luchor: Never mind that now Felus! He's gotten through, and MY FACE
[Niflheim] Luchor: We were so close. He was true flesh!
[Niflheim] Luchor: He can't have gotten far. I've gone through the gate and I'm on some sort of Real World.
[Niflheim] Luchor: There are .... structures here, I can walk on them.
[Niflheim] Luchor: I can fall!
[Niflheim] Luchor: He must be here, the gate only goes one place when the mind of the one is focused.
[Niflheim] Luchor: But my FACE
[Niflheim] Luchor: It has a hole in it, can you believe this. He actually HURT ME.
[Niflheim] Luchor: That was, in my life, my favorite pen. It too me EONs to imagine it.
[Niflheim] Luchor: Ahah, they're fighting me!
[Niflheim] Luchor: Wait, maybe I can talk to them.
[Niflheim] Luchor: WHO ARE YOU!?
[Niflheim] Luchor: They see me!
[Niflheim] Luchor: Do you know the one that has been ranting for ages about 'slicing?'
[Niflheim] Luchor: I'm looking for the old man. The scientist.
[Niflheim] Luchor: I'm looking for ASYMPTONIC
[Niflheim] Luchor: And a bandage for my face!
[Niflheim] Luchor: And a new pen.
[Niflheim] Luchor: It was a fantastic pen. Fountain in gold with embossed lettering.
[Niflheim] Luchor: I can't. . .
[Niflheim] Luchor: I need to find the one they call ASYMPTONIC. He's going to have fled to fire.
[Niflheim] Luchor: He must know I can't see them there.
[Niflheim] Luchor: Look, I'd hate to explain myself, but he must be here. He had barely eaten anything and could not have gotten far through the gate.
[Niflheim] Luchor: What do you know of him?
[Niflheim] Luchor: What.... what did he say?
[Niflheim] Luchor: I must walk back through the gate for a moment to regain my strength.
asymptonic joined the game.
[Nomad] asymptonic: Here, I'm here!
[Nomad] asymptonic: I've made it out!
[Nomad] asymptonic: Is anyone else here with me, I mean not from this world but somewhere else?
[Nomad] asymptonic: Who?
[Nomad] asymptonic: What did he look like?
[Nomad] asymptonic: Did he have blood on his face?
[Nomad] asymptonic: That was him!
[Nomad] asymptonic: I stabbed that pretty boy in his perfect face.
[Nomad] asymptonic: he had me trapped, in a room visited daily by three people.
[Nomad] asymptonic: I don't know who they were. They didn't seem.... solid
[Nomad] asymptonic: I walked through two of them.
[Nomad] asymptonic: But then just as I was escaping I slipped by the slick one. I guess you called him Luchor.
[Nomad] asymptonic: He had no name in the world I was in.
[Nomad] asymptonic: Which wasn't really a world at all. I was there minutes ago.
[Nomad] asymptonic: Yes, he always had a white neckerchief in his pocket with a gold pen. It was the only thing... solid about him.
[Nomad] asymptonic: And it worked. He squealed and I distracted him.
[Nomad] asymptonic: And got through the door.
[Nomad] asymptonic: That was just a minute ago. 6-8 months?
[Nomad] asymptonic: I need to get to the biggest source of heat you have, now!
[Nomad] asymptonic: They were trying to use me to get back to the real world!
[Nomad] asymptonic: Yes, a volcano!
[Nomad] asymptonic: Someone take me there!
(asymptonic heads towards The Cinder Boat)
[Nomad] asymptonic: In the mist world that I came from, they seemed only to be in the cold, dark places
[Nomad] asymptonic: There was a candle in the room that they always shied from.
[Nomad] asymptonic: And they wouldn't get to close to the gate when it wasn't opened. So best I can guess he won't go near fire.
[Nomad] asymptonic: And I want the biggest fire there is.
[Nomad] asymptonic: Lead me, quickly, he'll be back soon
(asymptonic arrives at Balak volcano)
[Nomad] asymptonic: yes, this will terrify him
[Nomad] asymptonic: Can we build a route out to the middle? I'm not as brave as I once was.
[Nomad] asymptonic: i need to be out above the lava
[Nomad] asymptonic: Okay, give me a small platform then everyone withdraw and destroy it around me
[Niflheim] Luchor: ASYMPTONIC
[Nomad] asymptonic: No! He's here.
[Niflheim] Luchor: I knew you would seek a heat source...
[Nomad] asymptonic: okay, I'll stand here, everyone back
[Nomad] asymptonic: Don't risk yourselves. I was trapped for months.
[Niflheim] Luchor: You think your children can save you here? They can't even stand on a platform...
[Niflheim] Luchor: Like watching them learn to walk. It's embarrassing, you know.
[Nomad] asymptonic: I think I'll be safe here for now.
[Niflheim] Luchor: It's so hot.
[Niflheim] Luchor: I hate it!
[Niflheim] Luchor: But he is here. He is my ticket. He must not leave
[Niflheim] Luchor: There you are...
[Niflheim] Luchor: How did you get out!
[Niflheim] Luchor: And why did you do this to my FACE
[Niflheim] Luchor: I was perfect!
[Niflheim] Luchor: I had everything!
[Nomad] asymptonic: I did what I had to do...
[Niflheim] Luchor: Everything except your body!
[Niflheim] Luchor: This world is glorious. I feel so solid!
[Nomad] asymptonic: Your kind has no place here!
[Niflheim] Luchor: You should come over to me. We are brothers. With my mind and your ... corporealness
[Niflheim] Luchor: We could have been something. We could have fought the one you hate the most
[Niflheim] Luchor: The one that betrayed you!?
[Nomad] asymptonic: I would never align myself with your mist-kind
[Niflheim] Luchor: You know who I mean don't you?
[Nomad] asymptonic: Your place in your world is your own doing
[Niflheim] Luchor: He stole your research, and *killed me* for the funding
[Nomad] asymptonic: He has sewn chaos through this verse, why punish ME for it!
[Niflheim] Luchor: He thought I was dead, but after all the slicing so much of us is beyond worlds.
[Niflheim] Luchor: I was only banished to the mid world.
[Nomad] asymptonic: Your hatred, your rage
[Nomad] asymptonic: it is misplaced.
[Nomad] asymptonic: You seek the Vanir
[Niflheim] Luchor: It is not. I don't care for your Vanir, or your nonsense. I just want my body back and revenge. And my pen.
[Niflheim] Luchor: I never cared about what you eggheads were working on.
[Nomad] asymptonic: I may be weakened, mist-walker.
[Nomad] asymptonic: I may be old
[Nomad] asymptonic: But I have a few tricks yet you've not seen.
[Niflheim] Luchor: But we could have reaped so much if you had given the knife to us instead of you explorers.
[Niflheim] Luchor: You're so close.
[Nomad] asymptonic: Come, you believe your powers are more than they are.
[Niflheim] Luchor: If I could just get to you we could trade existences
[Niflheim] Luchor: If we join together we could stop Preksak. We could, and split the loot!
[Nomad] asymptonic: I'd rather succumb to the eternal darkness.
[Nomad] asymptonic: Do what you will.
[Nomad] asymptonic: The children here have protected me best they can.
[Nomad] asymptonic: I trust it is enough!
[Niflheim] Luchor: You old man, you can't do anything right. Never could, that's why you got everyone stuck under the Artifact in the first place.
[Niflheim] Luchor: That was your mistake! You took no pre... ARGHH!!
(Luchor is dropped into the volcano)
[Niflheim] Luchor: No, the heat!
[Niflheim] Luchor: Agasahah3oi3H!!
[Niflheim] Luchor: Nooo, I'll be back to the mist
Luchor tried to swim in lava
[Nomad] asymptonic: It was all I could do...
[Nomad] asymptonic: Is he gone?
[Nomad] asymptonic: Build me back. If he burned
[Nomad] asymptonic: If he burned away he can't come back for some time.
[Nomad] asymptonic: In the mist world he was ... a sort of being of droplets. They couldn't quite get back together. I'm not sure they were real.
[Nomad] asymptonic: But if he hit the lava, he must have.. boiled.
[Nomad] asymptonic: Thank you! I may be free, for now
[Nomad] asymptonic: I don't know that I should stay. Luchor you say?
[Nomad] asymptonic: He was the ... funding... for the knife project.
[Nomad] asymptonic: I think he wanted to use it only for gain.
[Nomad] asymptonic: He was the money.
[Nomad] asymptonic: He had funded our lab on the nearby moon. But I thought he was a good guy... Prek must have killed him after we left.
[Nomad] asymptonic: And he's still out there.
[Nomad] asymptonic: And I'm not sure that Prek didn't know where I was this whole time.
[Nomad] asymptonic: if I stay he may find you.
asymptonic left the game.