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Asdeo's Permaban Appeal #2

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In-game name: Asdeo

Ban/Mute length: Permanent

Why were you banned/muted?: I wrongfully used a client and flew in the nether

Why should we unban/unmute you?:

I would firstly like to say my main push for writing this appeal is due to me wanting to actually play Loka again and multiple request that I try appealing again, so here I am back with my second appeal. As of writing this it has been 166 days since my last appeal in April, and further more 235 days since my official ban in February.

Hello, some of you reading this may know me already due to off server references but I've come here with the intention of asking the staff of this server to hear me out and give me a second chance to freely play on Loka. While I was playing on Loka I enjoyed the grinding, owning a town and fighting in conquest parts of Loka very much so. I won't waste your time on a long appeal I am sorry for cheating on the server and I have no plans to do it again if you give me the second chance. I would simply like the opportunity to play on the server once more and even possibly bring new players and competition to the server. I do not condone cheating in public servers where you actively know you will/have a chance to be ruining other peoples experience of gameplay, I truly do regret my actions and I hope the community and the LokaMC staff team can forgive me for my actions. I plan on playing actively whenever I have the time or am simply in the mood to, i hope to become friends and well known in the community, I come not as just a banned player but hopefully soon a friend.


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+1 People grow and learn and it seems like he has realized his mistakes let him back onto the server everyone deserves another chance


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Due to the length of time that has passed since your ban and your original offences being committed within a relatively short space of time, we are willing to lift the ban. It sounds like you genuinely care about playing on the server again and are remorseful. We do not think you intend to hack again, but please do make sure you are familiar with our rules, as with all unbans, you will remain on a warning.
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