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Approved (Legal) Client-side Mods

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Old One
Most client-side mods are banned on the server. The exception to this is if the exact mod is listed below. Those listed below can be used on Loka.

If a mod you wish to use is not listed, you can request mods to be approved/whitelisted on our forums here. Please do not use it until it is officially approved and added to this list.

Approved Performance Mods
These Mods primarily improve players graphics and fps.

Approved Game-play Mods
Makes normal game-play more convenient, while not providing a competitive advantage.

Approved Aesthetic Mods
Make things look cool and pretty, both in and out of Minecraft.

Mods Required to use Approved Mods
If any of the Approved Mods require a separate mod in order to work, such as the ones listed below, then you may assume that mod is also allowed as long as it doesn't breach the rules. If in doubt, please ask before using.
Not open for further replies.