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Apple Pie Thief


Active Member
One day I was baking in the kitchen of the Elrohiran Palace and I had just set a fresh apple pie out on the counter as I went to the my personal store of sake. When I returned half the apple pie had disappeared, at this sight I was perplexed as I was not aware of anyone else being home. As this terrified me I summoned the guards to my aid in my search to find this pie thief. We slowly swept the castle room by room swords drawn. When we reached the third floor of the castle we heard the floor boards creaking as we approached the Queen's chambers, my brow now sweaty at the though of someone having breached the castle perimeter. Sword held firm in my hand I unlocked the door and stepped back letting the guard pass in front of me. They broke in the door and held their sword at chest level. As I walked in the room to my surprise Queen Castalina sitting at her desk eating the other half of the apple pie.