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Alxnnn - Ban apeal

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Username: Alxnnn

Length of ban: 2 weeks

Reason for ban: Town betrayal

Why should you get unbanned: Hello, I was banned for "Town betrayal" when the only thing i did was fight a guy named "Gotyou" who was at Garama docx and started running away from me, then got killed by his own pearl when he was trying to scape. I picked up the shulkers and items he droped and then got banned for "Town betrayal". Also I wanted to say that I didn't knew that items where from Olympus town, I thought he was coming from a mine or something and then saw he got so many things and swords.


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+1 he came in vc after this incident and was genuinely shocked about what had happened and although doesn't prove much if this was planned I'd be surprised, as he did have to leave VC and go to class very soon after this occurred, I think just because Alxnn killed a guy doesn't mean he should be banned, that's not his fault *unless there is further evidence*


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To preface why the staff team believe this was a planned instance of town betrayal with some additional fluff to make it seem like an innocent acquisition: All within the span for 30 minutes GotYyou left Southern Valyria, Joined Olympus, Grabbed up an entire inventory worth of stuff, and died outside of docks just outside the KoD zone.

Also suspiciously a person who was town betraying within a town with many ender chests their ender chest was suspiciously void of any items. This convinced us enough that there was most likely some collusion involved and this temp ban will not be over turned. Also in the logs you made beeline towards Garama docks from your town and just so happened to come across GotYyou at Garama docks is extremely suspicious to us. If it is a mistake then I personally apologize but it remains that the staff team is overall convinced on there being collusion due to these and some other surrounding circumstances.

Hope to see you around on the server in two weeks.
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