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A Study of Death


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A Study of Death
By Sir Marcel
Senior Knight of the Scientist’s Guild, Knowledge Corp, of the Order of Cachet

Third Day of the Kalrosian Spring, 318AL

After the discovery of the three otherworldly isles off the coasts of Kalros, Ascalon, and Garama, Captain Nuit brought me a obscure object that seemed to be of great importance to foes. Resembling a primitive totem, but made from what appears to be solid gold, Captain Nuit delivered it to me upon the discovery that when held, the item’s bearer does not vanish upon death, but wake up where they died, rather than being whisked back to Aladra. This was discovered as one of his crew, Sir Lionel, was killed by a night creature as they explored the Frigid Isle, and was promptly returned to life where he stood. As a senior knight of the Knowledge Corp’s Guild of Scientists, my sworn duty to myself and those who chase knowledge is to figure out what makes this totem work, how to recreate it, and how to use it for the good of the Order. I will be logging my data as I discover more.

Entry #1
Fifth Day of the Kalrosian Spring, 318AL

It works! I killed myself, much to the dismay of my apprentice, but I was out for but a moment before reviving in this very spot! This totem could very well be the beginning of a new era, one where death, and the artifact, is obsolete. By holding a totem, no longer must we be whisked away at the artifact’s whim… nothing I’ve ever pursued has been of such significance. My name will be remembered alongside the greatest scientists of the ages.

Entry #2
Eighth day of the Kalrosian Spring, 318AL

I am not one to wallow in despair, yet… The totem has failed me. I killed myself once more, only to find myself in Aladra. I made the long journey back to the keep, to find my traitorous apprentice has turned the totem over to the council, fearing it dangerous. Several of them demanded I cease my study, but Captain Nuit took my side. He said it helped Lionel, and therefore could be useful. I owe Ahro Nuit everything. This totem… I won’t give up on it yet. I just need to figure out how to recharge it.

Entry #3
Twenty-seventh day of the Kalrosian Spring, 318AL

It’s been awhile, dear journal. But I’ve figured it out. Connecting the totem to a [###################] has re-lit the gem in the middle. I killed myself, and returned. The light stayed lit. I then had my apprentice hold it and kill herself. (Note: We use a ##############). She died twice more before the light went out.

Entry #4
Twelfth day of the Kalrosian Summer, 318 AL

The council wants me to stop my research. They say they don’t want me “dabbling in death,” yet how could I stop? Death is life’s greatest mystery, and if I can control it… It’s possible. I know it is. I’ve created a fake totem to relinquish to the council. I’ve told no one, not even Captain Nuit. He’s on the council’s side now. Saeros, the wretched representative of the Ambassador’s Guild led the charge against me. You would think a member of the Exploration Corp would appreciate my research more! It would have been a benefit to him when I completed it.

Entry #5
Seventh day of the Kalrosian Spring, 321 AL

I need a test subject for this experiment, and now that I’m doing this in secret, I may need to travel to the mainland in search of one. Otherwise, I may have to serve as my own test subject.

Entry #6
Twenty seventh day of the Kalrosian Winter, 324AL
I’ve managed to duplicate the totem!! Using [########] as the base, and a mix of [#######] and [####] as the gem, and powering it with the energy source, I’ve created two totems. They both work. I am beginning work on a smaller model now.

Entry #7
Thirteenth Day of the Kalrosian Spring, 325AL
I am invincible. I’ve created a smaller totem, which features a larger gem but smaller base. I’ve surgically placed it in my own upper arm, and death lasts a mere second before I awaken where I am. I require more tests, though, I just need

End-Of-Experiment Notice
Fourth Day of the Kalrosian Autumn, 325AL
Sir Marcel, stripped of his knighthood and hereby known as Marcel the Mad, has been taken into custody. His own foolish invention has made it impossible for him to escape. It only proves the danger or the devices he’s meddled with. A Study of Death is hereby ended and marked a failure. Marcel’s journal will be filed away with other failures as a resource for future scientists to consult, but I have removed the essential elements to creating a “Totem of Life,” so none follow his footsteps. Marcel has gone mad. I warn all others to come, do not meddle in death.

-Sir Cornelius, Representative of the Scientists Guild of the Knowledge Corp, Council Member of the Order of Cachet


Well-Known Member
Entry #8
Nineteenth day of the Kalrosian Summer, 367AL
So it’s true. A rogue scientist has defied death. Though I disagree with Sir Cornelius’ name “Totem of Life”. It doesn’t preserve life, it chases away death. The Totem of Undying is a more fitting name, and I want to know more. I’m taking this journal with me to a lab on the mainland to continue Marcel the Mad’s study.

-Rowlende, Scientist’s Guild Squire

Entry #9
Twenty-seventh day of the Kalrosian Autumn, 367AL

I’ve joined with King Blazes of Volterra to figure out a way to recreate it. The fact that Sir Cornelius removed essential information has proved difficult for us. We may look into freeing Marcel the Mad and have him assist us. Perhaps this will help Blazes win the war. Now that I’ve joined him, I suppose this is my war as well.

-Rowlende, former Squire of the Order of Cachet

Entry #10
Fourteenth day of the Kalrosian Winter, 367AL

Rowlende is attempting to rescue Marcel from the Order of Cachet. Who knew there was a secret group of people hiding in Kalros all this time? I’m glad I convinced Rowlende to join me. I have learned much. There is much I think the totem can do. In battle, if we have an army with totems inside them, they would not die. They could keep fighting until they win. On the other side, political prisoners or prisoners of war have never been taken on Loka. They can simply kill themselves and end up in Aladra, or the old Tower. But with the totem, if we affix it to them as Marcel did to himself, their death would take them nowhere. This could change warfare as we know it. Imagine the scenario: Alliance A captures a high ranking member of Alliance B, Alliance A makes the demand that Alliance B gives them a key piece of territory, or surrender the war, or anything else… Wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture Phoenix and then take Valyria’s territory…

-King Blazes of Volterra

Entry #11
Eighth day of the Kalrosian Summer, 368AL

Marcel the Mad. What a title! I am back, my dear journal. The so-called brothers and sisters of my heart have kept me captive for forty-three years. For forty-three years I rotted, until a young scientist came and rescued me. They offered me their lab and any materials I want, in addition to the freedom they’ve already given me, for teaching them to how replicate a Totem of Undying. Young Rowlende came up with that, and I’m quite fond of it. The time has finally come to complete my work.