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A New Adventure


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Steven and I sat solemnly on the end of the docks watching the sunrise.
Are you sure this is what you want to do? Steve asked already knowing the answer.
Yes Father, I am sure. I said timidly, It is time for me to see the world outside what is known. I have been safe and supported my entire life whether it be by the Guardians you and Mother selected for me or it be yourselves. I want to struggle, I want to survive, I want to build something I can be proud of.
Syla, do you really think that there is more out there? Many men have sailed these seas for longer then we can count, but they have never found another land mass. What makes you believe that your quest will be any different? Steve said in a musing voice.
I have heard rumors of another land from Lux, she said that a contact of hers had information I'd want to hear, I said as I sipped green tea, I am to meet with them in Aldra before I fully commit to anything.
And if this information is to just hoax? Steve asked quizzically.
Then I shall most likely return, though if the information is credible I maybe gone for sometime. Either way I will return.
Steve sighs and looks towards me, Just come back in one piece kiddo, otherwise your Mother will kill me. This last part he said with a huge smile on his face.

I slowly rose to my feet and he followed suit, Farwell Dad. Be safe and fight well.
We embraced and then I grabbed trunk and boarded the boat for Aldra.


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Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed the last entry of lore for now! I am gonna take a break for a bit and get back to writing more stories most likely later this year. I hope to see you all then. :p