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A Letter Home


Dear King Neo,

It has been sometime since I have spoken with you so I believed a letter was due on my part. A lot has happened to me in the last four months that I have been outside of your service. As you know I was to meet my father in Anubis to hold conference with him. To my great surprise after a fortnight he took me aboard a great ship and we journeyed abroad to a port city known as Volterra. We were well met by the king of this land bidding us to stay a while and enjoy his hospitality. During my entire time as a resident of Ascalon I had never seen so many friendly people, not just the king's court but a good bit of the towns people allowed me to tag along on their daily tasks to and fro. Sadly the time soon came for us to make our way to Katolis, luckily one of the counselors to the Queen of Katolis named Lux was kind enough to escort us with her contingent of guards to Katolis. I was told this was because of bandits but I believed she feared for more than our safety in the wilds. Apparently the domain of Katolis is home to elves from former civilization known as Valinor, Eldmar, and Elrohir and was led by my Mother, Queen Castalina. Our reception greeting was beyond extravagant as the streets were lined with Elves wearing brightly colored robes welcoming us to their great city, however we were quickly escorted to the palace where the chief of the guard informed us that Castalina had left her city to found a new settlement to the north that did not remind her of the old city that Katolis was built atop of. Our small party in shock was allowed to retire to some spare rooms in the castle. That night I spoke with Lux and convinced her to continue to travel with my father and I back to Anubis and then onto Firsthold. A few days later our party set out with a supply caravan to cross the mountains and take supplies to the Queen’s new town. When we got there we were captured by the town guard as they believed us to be criminals hoping to gain access to the towns riches and we were thrown into the dungeon. The Queen came personally to see us clapped in irons but when she saw who we were she immediately had us set free. After a profuse apology from the guards and a lengthy speech by the Queen we retired to her hall and she had food prepared for us. After a few days she held a ceremony crowning me Princess of the Elves as I was now of age. Later that day my father received word that he must return to Eldritch urgently as war was brewing. As this letter reaches you I will be sailing back to Anubis on my way home to Firsthold with my new friend. I hope that you will greet her with open arms as I have.

With love and regards,
Princess Syla Stormborn