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A History of Capitals


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I worked on this list when I was still active and just stumbled over it today. Got it up to date and thought I would slap it here because it would probably be interesting to some people. It's cool to see when powers were overthrown and such, to me anyways. It should be noted that I arrived on Loka in December of 2016 so that is where the history that I know begins - Opyc helped me fill in previous months for Kalros but I have not found anyone that remembers what the powers of Ascalon or Garama were like exactly in 2016.

If you know who was capital then please let me know!



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I rediscovered this thread from February 2016 that talks about us using our capital airship to teleport friendlies to fights. So Eldritch first got cap February 2016 and, as far as I remember, kept it until February 2018.


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The Alliance of Amberfell, Valkyrie, and Ibbish had control of Garama for much of 2016. I will have to do some digging to find the exact caps.