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A cold Journey...


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Hobos climbed off the boat finally arriving in Kalros. Followed behind him was Fire. The two friends had set out to begin a new and create their own beginning. Abandoning all previous shelter with only the gear the kind locals could provide them. Armed with Kalrosian gear the two left the docks talking between each other

"We need to head far off to the North West. I know we can find the place" Hobos held his map of Kalros in hand. Tracing his finger across it making his own imaginary path the two would follow to their destination.

"You know where we are going...right? The map doesn't make sense to me, but I sure hope it makes sense to you" Fire reached out grabbing ahold of Hobos shoulder. He pulled Hobos out of the way of almost walking into a tall spruce tree. The air was cold being in a taiga, though Fire knew of what was to come if Hobos was leading them.

"H-hey! Er..thanks I for that" Hobos had grunted as he was pulled to the side. He was far too enveloped in his own thoughts and mind. He was already planning out the civilization he was going to make getting far too ahead of the current situation. "We still have a good chunk of distance to travel...we should be able to make it before the sun sets"

"You're positive? I want to be able to safely set up a shelter tonight. We can't risk being killed by some monster or other raiders" Fire was quite uncertain of the situation at hand. There had been many stories of raiders and monsters whom both roamed these lands, but what fate they will encounter remained unknown to him

"You are worrying too much Fire. We can get through this...we just got to get to the territory. Then we take the inhibitor and begin building" Hobos voice was soft, but there was certainty in it. He knew Fire was ready to follow him into any battle that they would come across. And there was one soon to come.

As the two continued their journey across the lands they had noticed they were being watched. Not like an assassin sitting in a tree waiting to strike at the right moment. More like other civilization knew just their location, but not whom they were.

The day longed on reaching around 3 in the afternoon. Clouds had began to accumulate above the two travelers heads, though nothing fell from them.
"I think its going to snow soon...maybe we should head back? It's already getting pretty cold. I only have a few more slices of bread left"

"We will be fine Fire. We are almost there. And if you need more bread I can spare some of mine with you. Though the hardest part of our journey is still to come. We have to climb the mountain soon enough" Hobos still had the same certainty and determination in his voice. What he spoke only helped boost Fires moral to continue following Hobos.

As the two finally reached the base of the mountain it was around 5 pm. Snow flurries had began to fall onto the two Nomads shoulders as they walked. Hobos looked back over his shoulder to Fire who was snacking on a piece of bread following up right beside him.
"This is it Fire. We just got to climb the mountain and activate the inhibitor plate"

"Alright...if you say so" Fire never really spoke much at times. He had his sayings and that's all he said. But they both knew what he meant. And Hobos knew he was losing his determination to go on

As the two climbed the mountain it began to finally truly snow. The cold dust was accumulating around them and on their shoulders as they climbed higher in the freezing cold altitude. The two trudged through the snow; Hobos wiped the snow from his eyes looking behind him over his shoulder. He saw Fire falling behind.
"Fire! Why dont you head back to the base of the mountain and set up camp. You need the rest. I'll find the inhibtor and activate it. just head back"

"Alright...dont die up here. Stay safe Hobos." Normally fire would be reluctant to back down from a task at hand. But the unknown territory, the blizzard forming, and the fear of hypothermia; he decided to turn back and head down the mountain knowing he couldn't convince Hobos to follow.

Hobos saw the light from the beacon through the blizzard. He struggled to walk forward; let alone even see where he was going. With a step down with his foot his foot sank down on a pressure plate buried under the stone. He had finally found it. Suddenly a structure out of stone bricks quickly formed around him giving him a sort of shelter. He finally found the plate and activated it. He finally reached his destination. He was ready to fight alone to take the inhibitor for himself and for the town of Hobonation. Expecting to fight alone he gripped his Kalrosian sword in hand and charged to the T-GEN ready to fight its guards....
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