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_Adzy for Sentry


+1 hes a good guy liked by almost everyone on the server and he is super cool and nice and epic and orange and cool and nice +12


Well-Known Member
Adzy has grown up a lot since I've met him on Loka. Many people look up to him now and I have personally seen him make a concentrated effort to spread positivity and kindness to those he comes into contact with on the server. It's refreshing to see someone that is passionate about good sportsmanship while still being able to have a great time. He would make a good addition to the team in my opinion.


Active Member
Probably one of the nicest people I've met on the server. Very helpful and he plans to bring orange trees to Loka. +1


New Member
+1 I fricking love adzy. He has always been so nice to me since the first time he joined my call! He is always so helpful and kind to everyone!


New Member
He gets the Moosebobby stamp of approval, great man, known him since 2016. +1
And unlike all these hates, I love Oranges. (And Mangos <3)
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