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  1. MasterAegon

    Midnight Rendezvous

    Midnight Rendezvous The scent of aging wood and excessive flora assaulted his sense of smell. The hidden library never seemed to change in terms of atmosphere. There was always an air of antiquity that ironically would never get old. The wealth of knowledge that surrounded him served only to...
  2. MasterAegon

    The Lokan Saga

    It has been discussed many times that it could be interesting to tackle the story of Loka and turn it into a novel. It would be difficult to write a step-by-step account of everything that has happened since the beginning of Loka due to conflicting accounts and so few people that can account for...
  3. MasterAegon

    Announcement: LokaCon 2016!

    We're proud to announce the first annual LokaCon! July, 2016 - Dallas, TX Specific date and time is to be determined! (see below) It has been discussed over a lengthy period that it may be a good idea to bring everyone together for a convention dedicated to Loka! Our server and its population...
  4. MasterAegon

    Master Aegon

    The Warden glared at the landscape before him. The Gods blessed him with a scene of orange pastels upon green as the sun slowly crept over the horizon. Mist hung low in the air across the breadth of it all, a blanket of white veiling the better part of the canvas before his very eyes. It was a...
  5. MasterAegon

    The End Of The World

    The End of the World Preksak’s Return The Overseer stared across the landscape with a satisfied smile. He had traveled town by town to see the fruits of his efforts. Buildings had been destroyed. Monuments were reduced to piles of debris. The blood of Lokans had been spilled so heavily that...
  6. MasterAegon

    Shall Wear No Crown: Pt. 3

    Shall Wear No Crown: Pt. 3 The air was thick with moisture where he stood. The clouds’ breath lingered in each passing moment as a reminder of how high he stood. Midgard rested beneath his gaze, a product of heartache and painstaking work. Were it not for the assistance and tools extended to...
  7. MasterAegon

    Shall Wear No Crown: Pt. 2

    Shall Wear No Crown: Pt. 2 The heat emanating from the Dragon was near unbearable by any normal person’s standard. The very essence of the statue maintained the fire of the industries used to create every piece used. Aegon reveled in the warmth and closed his eyes for a moment. It seemed...
  8. MasterAegon

    Shall Wear No Crown: Pt. 1

    Shall Wear No Crown: Pt. 1 The smell of paper lingered in the air. The fresh batch had just come in, ready for a quill. The scent cane paper was sweet but had a stagnant hint that was inherent to books. This was something that Aegon never tired of as the knowledge contained in the libraries...
  9. MasterAegon

    Memorial Day

    I know we all take jabs at one another for fun and everyone has differing political views but I hope that I can muster the good in everyone for this American Holiday. I've lost several good men when ordered into combat so please don't cheapen the meaning of it, even it it means little to you...
  10. MasterAegon

    New Mutton Market

    Notice: Continuing issue with mutton at the market. It's taking stacks to be sold but for every new page in the market chest, I lose a stack. I've put 16 stacks in but it only shows 13. I'm not sure if it has to do with slots not showing, if it's an error by page, or just an issue with the...
  11. MasterAegon

    Knowledge Reclaimed

    The smell of musty paper lingered in the air but it was a sweet smell to anyone that knew the importance. Rickety shelves and darkened corners of a building that sat long in waiting to be used again. It filled him with satisfaction to see it back in any sort of working condition, though...
  12. MasterAegon


    Unstoppable A look of satisfaction was exchanged between each of them. Sweat still beaded up on their brow from the fight. Standing there on what was the battlefield, everything seemed devoid of sound or any real emotion. Only raw force was brought with them that day in lieu of anger or...
  13. MasterAegon

    Proverbs 6:30

    Proverbs 6:30 He could feel Pearl’s eyes on him as they stood at the edge of the castle. It was clear that they were there by choice, but the morality of it all would remain in question whether they addressed it or not. Men could be seen toiling through patches of stone or sifting through...
  14. MasterAegon

    The Fields of Conspiracy [LoL FanFiction]

    I wrote this a while back and only made it to the first climax of the short story/book. There are 15 Chapters for anyone interested in taking a look. This was approximately the halfway mark of the entire piece. I've never revised it for necessary corrections and touch-ups so take it with a grain...
  15. MasterAegon

    Spirits and Speculation

    The following post is a lengthy roleplay session converted with minor edits to be more reader-friendly. It was placed here for the simple fact that multiple people contributed and the nature of progression was better suited for the roleplay forum. I hope everyone enjoys! Stay thirsty, Lokans...
  16. MasterAegon

    A Late Night Drink

    Aegon peered out over the rail of the tavern at the city below. It was a town to be more accurate. The architecture was immense but what few buildings stood had all a person could need. The bottle of bourbon in his hands was his only company at present. The years beneath the Artifact took a...
  17. MasterAegon

    Calculating the value of an Opyc

    Some of you have asked what exactly an Opyc is in terms of value. There may be a more manageable conversion but the raw value is shown below. Enjoy. (Cubed area of a chunk for those that don't get it. ;))
  18. MasterAegon

    The Missing Link

    As we all know, Loka suffers from a continuous roller coaster ride when it comes to the population of players. Our exposure thanks to Porpoise among some advertising methods, we recently saw our largest increase. New battlegrounds and world PvP elements keep us fresh in regards to very unique...
  19. MasterAegon

    Year of the Dragon

    The Year of the Dragon The two of them stood over the blueprints with a pensive look. Consternation was the best way to describe it and they could have bored holes through the parchment with the stare. Aegon was always impressed with the amount of work his fellow founder put forth. Now here...
  20. MasterAegon

    Suggestion Roleplay Forum

    I want to put forth a proposal for a dedicated forum for roleplay. We have the lore forum for pieces of lore or other bits that contribute to canon or even player based lore. This forum that I propose would be for turn-based posting so people could participate in either mass or RP or small group...