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  1. Reddew98

    Closed The First Valentian Tournament

    Updated the participants and also added a new rule: - No Thorns
  2. Reddew98

    Closed The First Valentian Tournament

    Valentia I June 1, 3pm EST (Pot PvP 1v1) Once again the Champions title is up for grabs! Announcing the first tournament of Valentia! In order to startup more tournament action, Mtn and I will be co-hosting a tournament Sat. June 1 at 3pm EST. The First Tournament of Valentia will be hosted in...
  3. Reddew98

    Thanius_ For Sentry

    Thanius has experience and knowledge about the job at hand. He is a known and active member of the community and an amazing addition to the build team. He is willing to help at every corner and is always mature, respectful and helpful. There are no reasons I can think of that Thanius shouldn't...
  4. Reddew98

    RedSkilZZ for Guardian

    Age: 23 Current rank: Sentry Which rank you are applying for: Guardian What you think is expected of this rank: Guardians must be kind, recognizable, active players and knowledgeable tested staff members capable of handling several situations with professionalism and respect. A Guardian, at the...
  5. Reddew98

    No Plans to Implement good ol days

    I don't think the sole reason against unlimited territory control is wanderers wanting to make towns, there are several means to get around this. In just a couple of minutes these are some rough idea's I had: - shortening the time it takes to start a fight activated by a wanderer - making it...
  6. Reddew98

    Need Bread?

  7. Reddew98


    (Image below) And I don't want to clutter the thread with useless arguments I figured I would touch on the whole permanent mute thing, I feel as if just ignoring chat is the easiest thing to do. If you're incapable of doing this/controlling your actions you should probably just mute chat (as...
  8. Reddew98


    If you don't break any rules it shouldn't matter if there are sentries on or not.
  9. Reddew98

    DFG for Slicer

    https://lokamc.com/forums/index.php?threads/dfg1125-for-slicer.3846/ I would encourage you to put the effort in and ensure the player is not already a slicer (or in this case ensure the player is not already nominated) before you post these sorts of things.
  10. Reddew98

    Mindblaster007's Ban Appeal

    I was on while this was happening, Johann_Pachelbel received a mute for referencing Nazi propaganda/quotes. He simply used the excuse that another player (who was also muted) misspelled something like Nazi (can't remember exactly what the word was). Given the context and his response, it was...
  11. Reddew98

    Mindblaster007 for Builder

    Where's the link?
  12. Reddew98

    TeraMarie for Guardian

    To start off my response I would like to say that I've known you for several years now. Both you and I have grown as people and elitepvpprominemen since we've met. Although we have had our share of differences, you have shown exceptional growth and progress (at least to me) in terms of your...
  13. Reddew98

    Loka Civ 5 Map

    Recently I've been a little bored so over the past couple of days I have dedicated my time to both creating and playing a Loka Civ V Map. Although I created the map for myself I figured I might as well share it for all those Lokans that also enjoy Civ 5. The map is an (almost) realistic 1:1 tile...
  14. Reddew98

    Babycat for Slicer

    Extremely humble, chill, courteous, and kind. As a recent addition to the build team, he hit the ground running. Huge +1 from me.
  15. Reddew98

    No Plans to Implement Builder Towns

    I for one say Loka should become a creative building server amirite(not really). Although I love building and messing around with things of that nature (as Steve said) Loka isn't necessarily a building server. Simply having a little box that no one else can interact with can be found on many...
  16. Reddew98

    An Audit of Loka

    /help is usually the first thing I check on a new server to see what types of commands I can use and what types of plugin the server uses. Perhaps adding a new [Server Info] tab in /help containing links to videos, the website help page (which could also be updated) and the wiki page would help...
  17. Reddew98

    Implement in Future Sub-Owners and Alliances

    Ik it’s not nessesarily on the same topic but I think alliances should have permissions. (Ie. a setup inhibitor permission or a permission to call reins)
  18. Reddew98

    Proposed September Conquest Changes

    From what I understand most alliances have their vuln set either before or during the current Balak vuln window. IMO it allows for more flexibility to European guys. It also allows the (small) lokan playerbase from Asia to have a chance at making fights.
  19. Reddew98

    No Plans to Implement New Iceberg Biome

    Blue ice can already be crafted in 1.13 using 9 packed ice. As for the suggestion, a bunch of icebergs doesn't really sound like a biome to me. Instead of adding it as a complete biome I would say it should be added in the ocean revamp specific to Kalros (ie you can find them all throughout...
  20. Reddew98

    Nationalistic Ban Appeal

    Although over the course of these three months you may have changed it is important to not forget why you were banned. What you said was extremely irresponsible and disgusting. While I am for giving second chances they need to be earned over the course of time. I believe that 3 months isn’t...