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  1. MasterAegon

    Loka: A History

    Boy, this sounds familiar.
  2. MasterAegon

    Star wars cops MOpyc and MasterAegon

    This was priceless. :D
  3. MasterAegon

    Midnight Rendezvous

    Midnight Rendezvous The scent of aging wood and excessive flora assaulted his sense of smell. The hidden library never seemed to change in terms of atmosphere. There was always an air of antiquity that ironically would never get old. The wealth of knowledge that surrounded him served only to...
  4. MasterAegon

    Capitol Hall Interiors

    -Mini-game portals with a separate prowess cap. -Daily loot chests -Special daily quest NPCs -Vendors with expensive custom/lore items Just a couple to mull over.
  5. MasterAegon

    Capitol Hall Interiors

    I think it's a good suggestion. It's nice if they have an option of decorating their Hall but it would be great if there was something that befit each continent capital as a default rather than leaving it to chance that they'll do it themselves. I've seen a lot of wasted space. +1
  6. MasterAegon

    Famous Lokan Quotes

    Been on the past couple days.
  7. MasterAegon

    Leasaur the Guardian!

    Congratulations, Lea!
  8. MasterAegon

    The Church of Lokian is recruiting.

    Take it with a grain of salt, Lea. Most of this is just satire/humor.
  9. MasterAegon

    Leasaur for Guardian

    I know in the past we've all had our differences which are nothing less than expected when going against one another in either conquest or in the earlier days of good, old fashioned 'town vs. town'. No matter the history we all have on either the same or opposite sides of the fence, I've seen...
  10. MasterAegon

    The Adventures of Peast

    This cracked me up. That castle is looking damn good though.
  11. MasterAegon

    Wolfegger for Guardian

    Seeing as how you have bore the weight of responsibility associated with Sentry (present circumstances being paramount), among other duties, I believe you would likely be up to the task. If given the opportunity I hope to see you on one of the teams and pushing the content!
  12. MasterAegon

    MrAlchemy for Guardian

    It goes without saying that Alch will always have my support. For his work ethic and contributions to the server alone he would make a great addition to the ranks (again). I hope to see you back on the team, brother.
  13. MasterAegon

    Lottaine For Guardian

    From all I have seen since you've come back to playing regularly, you would make a good addition to the Guardian ranks. You are responsible, mature, and able to differentiate between personal decisions and ones necessary for the good of the server. As you are an Opyc, it seems arbitrary, so...
  14. MasterAegon

    Death during TGen fights.

    I will repeat...airships were never meant to affect world pvp. Imagine, if you will, that airships never existed. That's how getting to a tgen fight is supposed to function. Your beacon or the closest available beacon are supposed to be your only tools in order to join a fight within your...
  15. MasterAegon

    Death during TGen fights.

    It does make it easier to win. This allows the opportunity to rejoin a fight faster than the enemy, whether defense or offense, and it's unfair. Not even the capital should be able to expedite their return to a fight. Anyone can use any allied town's beacon to return to a fight at any allied...
  16. MasterAegon

    Death during TGen fights.

    Again, this was not supposed to be some perk available to gain an advantage in territories so it's being used improperly and thus being changed.
  17. MasterAegon

    Death during TGen fights.

    Well that's also unfortunately part of the politics. I didn't let it stop me when Dragonstone had their little smear campaigns against us... I know it sucks but I promise, it won't stop you. Work against them. Fight fire with fire. Do what it takes within the rules.
  18. MasterAegon

    Death during TGen fights.

    Capital airships were not implemented to be a tool for use during world pvp. The airship being disabled during tgen fights does not stop a town from getting assistance from their allies. You still have your beacon at your town and you will have to use it based on your cooldowns as it has always...
  19. MasterAegon

    Rule 13.6.

    Why would we do that? The purpose is to stop people from having alts in every town within the alliance (or outside) and being able to just relog and be across the world. You can fight for whoever you like. Hell, you can leave your town and join another, use TPA and be in that town before the...