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  1. Reddew98

    Closed The First Valentian Tournament

    Valentia I June 1, 3pm EST (Pot PvP 1v1) Once again the Champions title is up for grabs! Announcing the first tournament of Valentia! In order to startup more tournament action, Mtn and I will be co-hosting a tournament Sat. June 1 at 3pm EST. The First Tournament of Valentia will be hosted in...
  2. Reddew98

    RedSkilZZ for Guardian

    Age: 23 Current rank: Sentry Which rank you are applying for: Guardian What you think is expected of this rank: Guardians must be kind, recognizable, active players and knowledgeable tested staff members capable of handling several situations with professionalism and respect. A Guardian, at the...
  3. Reddew98

    Loka Civ 5 Map

    Recently I've been a little bored so over the past couple of days I have dedicated my time to both creating and playing a Loka Civ V Map. Although I created the map for myself I figured I might as well share it for all those Lokans that also enjoy Civ 5. The map is an (almost) realistic 1:1 tile...
  4. Reddew98

    Consider Implementing Religion Ideas

    Recently I've seen a lot of different ideas regarding religions on the forums. Since the feature has been added (nearly a year ago) it hasn't really served a purpose. I would like to propose a couple of ideas that could both promote an RP based religion and server activity. Firstly each...
  5. Reddew98

    Lightningron for Slicer

    I know that I may be a bit biased in my nomination, however, I do truly believe he deserves it. Although he's a bit shy he's always open to inviting and touring newer members around Vinovia, whilst teaching the basics of the server. As an active member of this community, he exceeds the...
  6. Reddew98

    JoeDanger_ for Slicer

    TBH I'm quite surprised he hasn't been nominated yet (considering he's coming up on his 1y anniversary). As an active and welcoming player, I would say he deserves the rank of Slicer.
  7. Reddew98

    RedIsFive for Builder

    Age: 22 Current rank: Sentry Which role you are applying for: Builder Why you think you should become this role: As it stands, I'm currently attempting to become more involved in Loka. I believe that the next logical step is to see how I can help 'behind the scenes'. I have enjoyed building in...
  8. Reddew98

    RedSkilZZ for Sentry

    Age: 22 Current rank: Slicer Which rank you are applying for: Sentry What you think is expected of this rank: The rank of Sentry belongs to those entrusted with the task to ensure that Loka remains a toxic-free, safe and welcoming community. This is achieved not only by not only punishing...
  9. Reddew98

    Tremor283 for Slicer

    Both an active and kind member of the community, surprised he isn't a slicer yet.
  10. Reddew98

    Couple of Suggestions

    Just a short list of the items that I noticed while playing Loka: Town Owner Chat I mean, some things you just don't want your member(s) hearing. There are private discords and everything but it can be a pain to have a town owner conversation on discord while in game. Doesn't need to be fancy...