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  1. DoktorDuck

    AfricanPenguins and RogueWatermellon Ban Report

    Today I was giving a tour to lothleal, a new player who just joined. In the time I was giving the tour, AfricanPenguins and RogueWatermellons were making sarcastic remarks and having some meaningless conversation which they could've done in town chat, which I told them to. The two also made a...
  2. DoktorDuck

    New TARDIS near spawn

    I built a TARDIS with MapleJava and Pemx today. It's amazing in my opinion. Here are the coords if you want to check it out yourself: 297.450x -35z. Tell me what you guys think about it in the comments below! (TARDIS=time and relative dimension and space. It's bigger on the inside and can...
  3. DoktorDuck

    Suggestion Conveyor Belts

    I've been checking out this website with a bunch of one-command mods in vanilla minecraft. This one would be a great add in my opinion. The website is: http://mrgarretto.com/cmd/conveyorbelts. It moves items on a conveyor belt which would be really really helpful, transporting items to your...
  4. DoktorDuck

    Suggestion New PvP Game: Agents

    I got this cool idea that I've had for a while now. I decided to bring it up now. A new PvP game called Agents! Basically, there's two bases and two teams. You have to sneak your way past your opponents, avoid the traps and make it to the other end, steal a diamond block from that base, and...
  5. DoktorDuck

    Suggestion Planet Minecraft feature

    Recently, I've made some "friends" that are on my tail. They want to kill me, and I don't know why. I'm stuck just outside spawn, and it would be nice to see who's online. Most servers with a planet minecraft website has a list of players online. I think there should be a list like that for...
  6. DoktorDuck

    I DID IT!!!!

    OMFG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! I BEAT THE LOKA HUB PARKOUR!!! NO JOKE!!! IT TOOK ME 1 HOUR AND 30 MINUTES BUT I DID IT!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! IT'S SO HARD! Cryptite, that parkour was very challenging, but it could not beat the duck >:D P.S. AfricanPenguins owes me 10 diamonds :D
  7. DoktorDuck

    New Unbelievable Lag

    There is unbelievable lag on the server right now. I've lagged out twice already, blocks are glitching and chat is frozen. WTH DO I DO!?
  8. DoktorDuck

    Umm... What happened??

    I was just in spawn, and when I ate my steak, I was kicked for "null" and now I can't rejoin it because it says "Disconnected" even though I restarted my game and everything. What happened?
  9. DoktorDuck

    Suggestion Spawn Stables

    Recently, I've had nowhere to put my horses. I've even used the spawn pool as my personal stable. It would be cool if there was a stable in spawn with a bunch of rooms for horses or pigs. You can rent these stables 1 emerald per day, and you can lock the doors to your room so no one takes your...
  10. DoktorDuck

    Suggestion Horse Whistle

    My horse has been getting lost in spawn even though I leave it in a secured place. I suggest that when you bring a horse into spawn, a whistle pops into your inventory where you can call your horse back to you when you're in spawn protection.
  11. DoktorDuck

    A Quick Question

    Is there any town yet called Arcanus?
  12. DoktorDuck

    Argus Spleef Tourney CANCELLED

    The past two days have pissed me off too much. And I'm sorry to @MasterTargaryen since he and Defgnw kicked me from Argus with the reason of "stop taking leadership of things and making announcements". Well I'm sorry if I want people to keep updated. The top prize would've been a nether star...
  13. DoktorDuck


    I've been kicked from Argus since I was not "meeting Argus expectations". I wasn't warned about something like this. That means I will not be on the server daily like I am usually because I will be on other servers honing my skills. Bye.
  14. DoktorDuck

    Argus Spleef Tourney delayed once again

    ARGUS MEMBERS ONLY Due to a low amount of contestants, the competition has been rescheduled again. The first ever Argus Spleef Tourney has been rescheduled to May 2, 2015 at 5:00 EST , but please be there 10 minutes earlier. There is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize. The contestants' items will be...
  15. DoktorDuck

    Argus Spleef Tourney RESCHEDULED

    ARGUS MEMBERS ONLY The first ever Argus Spleef Tourney has been rescheduled to April 25, 2015 at 5:00 EST , but please be there 10 minutes earlier. There is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize. The contestants' items will be stored safely and there is a 5 minute break in between rounds to fix the...
  16. DoktorDuck

    Any Admins on?

    Something happened with Shinigami and Anbu and Apex. Can an admin come on to help them out?
  17. DoktorDuck


    The Argus Spleef Tourney has been postponed to next week. There are still 4 more spots left. /mail DoktorDuck if you wish to enter. (Argus members and the people who helped dig the hole only)
  18. DoktorDuck


  19. DoktorDuck

    New Invisible Signs

    I don't know if this is just for me, but signs are invisible to me. I tried relogging, it aint working.
  20. DoktorDuck


    Argus members only Attention all Argus members! The Hole is done! The grand opening is going to be a spleef tourney. 4 arenas, 4 quadrants and 8 players. Please contact DoktorDuck through /mail to signup. There are only 5 more spots left! The prize will be worth it.., The contest will be at...