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  1. DFG1125

    What is your title in your town?

    Valinor: Grand Wizard, Grand Keeper Nassau: Meme Making Server Dude Cryptic Cove: Not Useless There were others but they were mostly memes and I can't remember them
  2. DFG1125

    _Adzy for Sentry

    Probably one of the nicest people I've met on the server. Very helpful and he plans to bring orange trees to Loka. +1
  3. DFG1125

    I don't like this community

    I have nothing useful to add to this post. If that was short I don't want to see your long posts Yes
  4. DFG1125

    Complaints against Kaph II

    He randomly kicks me for memes I say in town or ally chat :(
  5. DFG1125

    Suggestion Fishing industry

    Was going to make my own but I found this one so BUMP. Also addition: adding swords to the industry gives a small chance of getting tridents. By small I mean the same rate or very slightly higher rate as the drowned.
  6. DFG1125

    Suggestion Win/Loss Strength

    This isn't the most thought off suggestion, but people are welcome to add things down below. My basic idea is to buff strength gain for winning, and nerf the loss for losing when attacking for both. Besides making sense because attacking is harder, it would encourage attacking more instead of...
  7. DFG1125

    Thanius_ For Guardian

    -1 Doesn't mod t-gens = irresponsible
  8. DFG1125

    Closed The First Valentian Tournament

    Long Live Nassau
  9. DFG1125

    Biggest Fails

    @Steve5729 you forgot to add 25%
  10. DFG1125

    Suggestion Item Ownership and How to Protect Players from Abusive Town Owners

    This is a good idea, but the problem with it is that if someone takes the sword from combat for example or traded it away (see jibblypop collector of lore swords). What happens when someone who lost their sword in whatever way mentioned above, then get kicked from their town. Do they just get it...
  11. DFG1125

    I Seek Lokan Lore

  12. DFG1125

    Town Laws

    No going in Jib's room #2 Don't de-spawn stuff unless you're Sparky #3 No selling or giving away town items without Sparky or Jib's permission #4 (stop asking me to sell you stuff people)
  13. DFG1125

    Holy War: Partners Needed

    Imagine thinking you're the Ascalon Assassin when I beat you for the title.
  14. DFG1125

    Holy War: Partners Needed

    This is now a pixelmon server.
  15. DFG1125

    Suggestion Third Party

    Maybe if this were to be a thing, it could add that third side to Balak since it's kind of obvious there never is one. The "undead" or whatever could randomly attack at some point in your vuln time. If it is done right it wouldn't only be fun for 2 fights. Unless you have an un-reasonably short...
  16. DFG1125

    Short lore story

    @CuriousFriend All good man, I appreciated going through this, helped me keep my mind a little fresher as it's been a while since I've been in school myself.
  17. DFG1125

    Short lore story

    capITal I!!!! ...mlg lit same. There are a few more around you should look out for. You know I understand the caps, but I really don't like them. Makes it look like you're just some 12 year old on the internet who is being ignored. Weird phrasing, I would say something more like "Due to all...
  18. DFG1125

    Mid Yuletide Mystery

    in the words of jibblypop. Literally six feet under.
  19. DFG1125

    Suggestion Enderpearls and Ghast rates

    For large alliances fine, though I would never want to grind with the normal pearl drop rate as it's atrocious. Even with double drops for the short amount of time we had it, there were times where I went about 5-10 minutes of constant killing without getting a single pearl! Now factor that into...
  20. DFG1125