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  1. Lurnn

    Suggestion Radar vulnerability.

    radar ganks at 12 am - 5 am kinda cringe make radars disable when vuln is over so like conquest like pvp so it is more fair and interesting, idk maybe if attacked out of vuln disabled for a certain amount of time or something but outright being able to destroy an entire alliances radars in one...
  2. Lurnn

    Suggestion Arrows going poof

    when i bow invis so he cant full invis arrow just despawn in short time so he then can full invis and it make me the angry please fix
  3. Lurnn

    Suggestion Do you want to see Conquest Fight Messages

    I understand recently enough NerdieBirdie made a suggestion to remove all such messages from chat,- I find this and many others to my knowledge quite disappointing, a lot of us would like to view what's going on with either our fellow allies or our enemies as a fight goes on, it's also something...
  4. Lurnn

    Lurnn for LCR

    Age: 16 Current rank: Settler What you think is expected of position: I think an LCR is expected to be an active player within the server who can give accurate representations and examples of what's going on in the community whether it be conquest or town stuff, letting crypt and mag know about...
  5. Lurnn

    Loka Weekly News #2

    Summary of ongoing events on Loka this week, BANS: The now-former sentry Froggyfruit along with a slicer, lilfros have both been banned for two months for DUPING! Now, the inside scoop just for you; how they got caught, essentially froggyfruit was in the PvE discord just streaming his game...
  6. Lurnn

    Loka Weekly News #1

    Summary of ongoing events on Loka this week, SOTS, Status of the server showed off improved tab feature coming soon, and a feature reveal of paths degrading, standing on such blocks as dirt stone snow and such will decay over time showing someone standing on it, (heat paths) Screensharing and...
  7. Lurnn

    No Plans to Implement rivina locks

    remove being locked warping for rivina its meant for fun not comp please remove thank lov
  8. Lurnn

    Suggestion GaramaMC? we want lokamc.

    I'll cut to the chase with this At the moment loka is clearly GARAMAMC aight that's clear I'm finkin we think about a cap on fights, even though this may not completely help GARAMAMC to become LokaMC i think its a step somewhere 40v40? maybe 45v45, idk its a point where no lag occurs and fights...
  9. Lurnn

    pvp is my middle name

    meincraf left click bobbuiolder down!!!!!!
  10. Lurnn

    Loka fight rolled back.

    Hey cryptite and the staff team, making this post about todays fight... My alliance was quite confused as to why this fight was rolled back when over the last few months such issues have occurred without any rollbacks, I would like to note we both had the bug so objectively there was no...
  11. Lurnn

    loka minecraft fights compilation

    good monf i love lemon
  12. Lurnn

    Rejected Lunar Client (Not yet released)

    Name: It's a client featuring multiple mods, sort of like Badlion Link: https://www.lunarclient.com/ Description: Lunar client is a minecraft client / launcher which features an optional client side anticheat, it has many modules including but not limited to, Potion Status, Keystrokes, Cps...