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  1. Terryn_Greystone

    Suggestion Netherite blocks being obtainable for building

    So, basically. What I was thinking was that maybe Netherite blocks could be obtained by crafting them using some different types of resources, or even possibly obtainable in some PVE location. Obviously you'd be unable to craft them into netherite ingots. They would purely funtion as a...
  2. Terryn_Greystone

    Terryn_Greystone for Sentry

    Age: 17 Current rank: Slicer Which rank you are applying for: Sentry What you think is expected of this rank: A Sentry should be mature, unbiased, and also pleasant to talk to, yet also still capable of being very serious when needed. If there's an issue with a person breaking the rules, it...
  3. Terryn_Greystone

    Thunderhold is complete!

    Been working on this project since January 12th of this year, and just finished yesterday, on August 24th! It has been a crazy journey throughout the project. I started off by claiming the Miracalis ruins, and then I cleared out every single house, every single tree, and took down the huge wall...
  4. Terryn_Greystone

    Implement in Future New Pets

    A while ago, two pets were added to Loka as a subscriber perk, Little Timmy, and the Aladran Guard. When it seemed it was likely that we were in for more of these adorable pets to be added, the feature just stopped at those two.. An idea me and Diego were discussing was that maybe a few more...
  5. Terryn_Greystone

    Building Loka, Brick by Brick.

    A few days ago, I had an idea. That idea was: To take a town in Loka, and build it out of Legos IRL. I have enough bricks from collecting so much over the years, that I could easily get away with making an entire town completely out of Legos. It's an exciding thought for me, and I simply cannot...
  6. Terryn_Greystone

    Blazeslayer for Community Representative

    Age: 16 Current rank: Slicer What you think is expected of this position: Being a Community Representative means knowing what's best for the server, and it's people. And also being able to communicate with the community in a healthy and constructive way, getting their opinion to help better...
  7. Terryn_Greystone

    The News of Her Return.

    King Blazeslayer stood in one of the towers of the inner wall, overlooking the place where the city would soon be. He could see people mixing mortar, and preparing large stone bricks which would make up the outer wall. The wall that would keep them safe from harm. He looked to the West, towards...
  8. Terryn_Greystone

    Sammy00Playz For Slicer

    I've had Sammy in my town for months now, and he has been fantastic. He is kind, and intelligent, and all around just a fantastic guy to be around. He welcomes new players, welcomes back complete strangers back when they come online, he's that kind of person, the type of person that actually...
  9. Terryn_Greystone

    Bug Block decay bug.

    As of today, all blocks that decay in ruins, turn to sand as they fall, causing there to be sand on the ground, in place of stonebrick, stone, cobble, etc. I have verified that this is happening by observing how the structures were built, they all have missing blocks right above where the sand is.
  10. Terryn_Greystone

    The Kingdom of Volterra

    Hello everyone. In this thread I will be posting screenshots of Volterra as we make progress with the town. I will also be posting different information like: Lore, plans that I have to change the surrounding area, and much more. If any of you have any suggestions, please let me know. I'll be...