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  1. koi0001

    Suggestion Water Orb

    The ocean content has been discussed a lot! And is hopefully going to be finished within the year (haha). Breathing under water is a minecraft mechanic which can be used to make cool puzzles or create a sense of urgency in some events/builds; however, the rest of the time it's annoying. My...
  2. koi0001

    Suggestion Discord build chat

    Hey gang! After the discord revamp a lot of stuff changed for the better such as channel organization and choosing which channels interest you such as food, pets, etc. I would simply appreciate if we could consider adding an additional channel for us to post builds into! This could be our own...
  3. koi0001

    Suggestion Discord Timer

    Heya gang, as most of you probably know today there will be a pvp tournament. We've probably all seen the posts in #announcements. This suggestion is just simply to add a countdown bot that would show us how long until the player events. This would definitely help because nobody enjoys...
  4. koi0001

    Implemented /kill at spawn

    Please remove the durability loss for being stuck at buildings in spawn which are usually not meant to be there. Thank you
  5. koi0001

    Suggestion Eldritch Not Suggestion

    Heyo, just minor suggestion for Eldritch Bit to have some kind of access to see players past names on EldritchBot
  6. koi0001

    Suggestion Dungeons

    This suggestion really has been talked about extensively but, I figured it was worthwhile trying to give a small but unique take on this suggestion. Why not add dungeons that are small and that regen instead of adding dungeons that would take a lot of effort to design from a builder/PVE...
  7. koi0001

    Builder Application

    Age: 19 Current rank: Slicer Which role you are applying for: Builder Why you think you should become this role: I really enjoy Loka. However, like many players after playing for so long I struggle to just play Loka casually or grind for a town/resources. I really want the best for Loka and...
  8. koi0001

    Suggestion Grave Digging Suggestions

    Hey folks, with Loka planning to update to 1.15 imminently I thought it would be worth grave digging some threads I made it had interest in that were lost to time. Some of these threads are a little less applicable to current Loka but I still feel need to be discussed a little bit. I've only...
  9. koi0001

    Foxybeargames for slicer :)

    All around pretty nice guy. Interacts with the community when he is active, brings players to Loka and does help new players occasionally. My main man
  10. koi0001

    Consider Implementing Farming

    Hey gang! This suggestion is simply to reintroduce farming as an actual resource which could be considered useful to end game players or even conquest orientated players. Farming is a weird issue on Loka. Food instantly becomes something that towns have an endless amount of even with little to...
  11. koi0001

    Suggestion NPC'S

    Howdy folks, just a simple suggestion; one that has been suggested and talked about many times. We've removed Villagers on the server (atleast to my knowledge) for the reasons of trading being a pretty game breaking mechanic and them overall just not having a place on server. I personally...
  12. koi0001

    World Generation

    A lot of people bring up the subject of 'extra continents', world resets or just other methods of expansion. I've often wondered what Loka would be like if the world was simply the same as a normal Minecraft world. Just a topic of discussion simply because I'd enjoy seeing all towns on the...
  13. koi0001

    Eldritch Bot

    Just a minor suggestion to add a strength window to each fight for update for towns with the battle report. Simply put it would just be to indicate how much strength a town lost or gained :)
  14. koi0001

    Implement in Future Snow Fall

    Hey, just a small suggestion that would make a big change to affected towns. This forum is relating to snow fall within town and creating snow covered blocks. Realistically, the snowing block placement only adds problems to Loka from my experience. I believe it would be best if this feature...
  15. koi0001

    Suggestion Utilzing Void Storage

    Just a little nifty suggestion that really has very little purpose other than it would be considerably interesting to see. With the new void storage system the total amount of single types of items within a single town is always counted and up to date. Why not collectively add up the amount...
  16. koi0001

    Implement in Future World Events

    *This thread is really more of a discussion than an suggestion in a couple senses* I was wondering what the likelihood of random unique world Events on Loka is? In terms of unique I mean unique to biomes. Would this ever be considered by the PVE team? The events could range from a random mob...
  17. koi0001

    Implement in Future Quality of Life - Old Worlds

    These are some pretty minor suggestions that I feel would collectively add a lot to the old world feature of Loka. Currently as it stands it's considerably bare-bones with little guidance or introduction. These are just bullet points of ideas which will be expanded on further down. Warps World...
  18. koi0001

    Suggestion Town Libraries

    This thread is to discuss something that has been talked about and suggested on discord and in game many times. However, it has not actual thread established to suggest the idea. Nearly every town I've been to or seen has aimed to create a library or museum. The main problem with this is that...
  19. koi0001

    Implement in Future Town Conquest Duels

    Conquest training has been an interesting feature for a considerable amount of time now. However, only recently is it starting to become polished and made easily used by the player base (less risk of losing items and duplication). I believe that this suggestion has been talked about at length...
  20. koi0001

    No Plans to Implement Fishing

    Fishing on Loka is one of the more heavily used PVE parts of the server, there's daily tourneys on a pvp server just for fishing which is regularly attended by atleast 5-10 people minimum. Now that autofishers are nerfed it doesn't make much sense to not include fishing as a level that could...