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  1. Skuhoo

    Tartarus: A Journey To The Bottom

    A beacon's positive y range is 256 blocks greater than all its other directions, so a full beacon at y0 would still give its effect at over y300. You can just build each beacon at y0 and leave them there for the entire project.
  2. Skuhoo

    1.14 is Here!

  3. Skuhoo

    A History of Capitals

    I rediscovered this thread from February 2016 that talks about us using our capital airship to teleport friendlies to fights. So Eldritch first got cap February 2016 and, as far as I remember, kept it until February 2018.
  4. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Show hopper and item-frame count on /g info

    I'm not sure if /g info is the appropriate place to display it as it's fairly niche info but I do support some way of seeing your hopper and item frame counts instead of suddenly hitting the cap.
  5. Skuhoo

    Steve5729 betraying Djscales101 and stealing his items.

    You're right, you absolutely can do that and it's been done before. It's not as if we condone the behavior, but it is impossible to write an enforceable rule that would cover these situations. That is why we rely on the community to "punish" players who do stuff like this. Warning new players...
  6. Skuhoo

    Steve5729 betraying Djscales101 and stealing his items.

    I was with you up until you called for admin intervention and punishment. Like those two other posts you linked show, it is our continued stance that cases like this need to be regulated by the community, not by an impossible to enforce rule. In the context of our rules the town owner is...
  7. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Ability to neuter animals(specifically horses)

    Then do it. Horse breeding is already a slim market and is made incredibly slimmer by the fact that once you sell someone 2 horses you've lost a customer forever. An alternative idea that can be implemented comparatively very easily is just to block breeding between tamed animals if you (or...
  8. Skuhoo

    What's Your Highest Mastery?

    92 Engineering
  9. Skuhoo

    The Loka+ Resource Pack [16x]

    Quick Minor Update! Download: http://eldritchbot.com/Loka+.zip Version: 3.1 Changelog Updated Pack icon now uses the new Loka logo Slightly reduced scale of firestone in inventory Profile back Market forward/back Void storage access/deposit markers
  10. Skuhoo

    The Loka+ Resource Pack [16x]

    Loka+ has been updated to 1.13+! Download: http://eldritchbot.com/Loka+.zip This update can be considered phase 1 of the icon update. My goal is to revamp all of Loka's GUI buttons and inventory textures with custom ones. I intended to release this all in one go but 1.13 came along and...
  11. Skuhoo

    Commentary: 2018-2019 Review on Loka and my stance on conquest / what can be improved.

    The conclusion was that you and Archivist_'s ideas are fun to think about but cannot be applied to an actual, public game like Loka. Why send a letter that can be intercepted when I can just send a message on Discord? Why talk in local chat with my town members when I can just talk in a VC with...
  12. Skuhoo

    1.13 is Here (Almost)

    I'm looking forward to the craftable bark blocks so I can build custom trees that don't look terrible
  13. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Two Small Ranked PvP Quality of Life Things

    The first suggestion was the old behavior that was changed to help curb players from "choosing" their opponents by leaving the queue when it unexpectedly goes up. I support your second suggestion, though.
  14. Skuhoo

    Ticking Time Bomb

    Knives are complex pieces of technology. A fragment of one is as useful as a snapped-off piece of a computer's motherboard.
  15. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Snow Fall

    https://lokamc.com/forums/index.php?threads/toggling-effects-of-snow-general-weather.3739/ And https://lokamc.com/forums/index.php?threads/new-town-perk.3506/
  16. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Kalros and Lava

    My two main concerns would be: Without lava lighting up large areas of the cave way more mobs are going to spawn. With lava players can drink fire resistance potions or use a firestone. What would be the equivalent for the frigid water?
  17. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Enderpearls and Ghast rates

    They're still outputted at the same rates as they've always been.
  18. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Enderpearls and Ghast rates

    Really I think large alliance rely too heavily on the few people who grind. If you're having issues with materials then it's time to start asking other alliance members to pull their weight.