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  1. Skuhoo

    Skuhoo for Community Rep

    Age: 23 Current rank: Guardian What you think is expected of position: Community reps are a voice of the people. They put into words the feelings and ideas of groups of players. Why you think players should support you: I'm a Guardian, the founder of one of Loka's "sides", and the most veteran...
  2. Skuhoo

    On SleepyMario's Ban

    Last Saturday after the Stromgarde tournament we froze and screenshared one of the winners, SleepyMario, to ensure he was playing legit. This decision was made after a history of reports about him, including multiple during the tournament, and also the belief that if ever there was a time...
  3. Skuhoo

    Implemented On The Subject of Spectral...

    Currently, we're planning on changing the spectral module to visually change armor (just like the leather armor) instead of giving the spectral effect. This is because certain players lose a significant amount of FPS when trying to render the spectral effect. The problem with changing armor type...
  4. Skuhoo

    Skuhoo for Guardian

    Age: 20 Current rank: Sentry Which rank you are applying for: Guardian What you think is expected of this rank: Guardians take on the responsibility of upholding Loka's rules through warnings and bans as well as helping players in situations where a normal player cannot such as victims of town...
  5. Skuhoo

    EldritchBot: Introducing Player Stat Pages!

    Hey guys, I'm pretty excited to release a large update I've been working on recently, the primary focus being player-specific stat pages. (note: this screenshot is from the middle of development, so the stats aren't completely accurate) In addition to the stat pages, I've also made a few...
  6. Skuhoo

    The Loka+ Resource Pack [16x]

    Hey guys, I'd like to announce a small side project I started. I was reading Optifine's documentation and stumbled on a little-known feature called CIT, or Custom Item Textures. Essentially what this allows you to do is define textures to specific items based on a set of rules. I've used this...
  7. Skuhoo

    The Lokan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Aurulians

    Eldritch is proud to announce the creation of the Lokan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Aurulians (LSPCA). Our goal is provide aid to suffering Aurulians around Loka. Together we can put an end to this cruelty. Please, visit our headquarters at the Eldritch capital hall in Aladra to...
  8. Skuhoo

    getfugu for slicer!

    I managed to convince this guy to join my town a few months back and he's been nothing but helpful, except for selling off a few stacks of our enderpearls ;). He loves to help new players with starter gear and answers questions in public chat when he's able to. I believe he's a perfect fit for...
  9. Skuhoo

    Loka in a Nutshell

  10. Skuhoo

    Conquest Ultimatum

    While Eldritch would like to gain capital through normal, fair Conquest battles the lack of TGens on the map is preventing us from doing so. From what we’ve gathered through talking to people in public chat and private messages, the motive behind everyone removing their TGens is to not...
  11. Skuhoo

    Skuhoo for Sentry

    Age: 19 Current rank: Slicer Which rank you are applying for: Sentry What you think is expected of this rank: Guardians+ can't be online all the time and when they are, they can't be everywhere at once. This is where Sentries come in. Sentries keep an eye on players' /rx values and alert...
  12. Skuhoo

    Switching Loka to a Hexagon-based Territory System

    Recently I made a suggestion to use clumps of hexagons as territories rather than squares. There has been some confusion in how existing towns would be implemented into the new system. To help explain my idea further and clear up any confusion I made some more images to go along with the...
  13. Skuhoo

    Nokiaman for Slicer.

    Nokiaman has started a pretty successful town, helped revamp spawn, and plays nearly every day. He's also about to host a second serverwide tournament in New Ibbish. Although our towns fight often, it'd be silly not to nominate Nokiaman for the slicer rank considering how much he's contributed...
  14. Skuhoo

    Suggestion The ability to create blank industry buildings

    Although the industry buildings do look very nice, they don't fit into every town's theme. Currently it's a real pain to have to level an industry building before building a new one in it's place. If you built the new replacement structure first you can forget about making it into an actual...
  15. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Decor Salesman

    I think it'd be pretty cool if there was an NPC at spawn who sold a ton of custom player heads resembling of aesthetic items for shards. See here for a bunch that would be amazingly useful in detailing builds. I know a map salesman was also planned, but I'm sure this would be many times more...
  16. Skuhoo

    New Annoying bug with the plugin that allows you to open chests anywhere

    The plugin that allows you to open chests regardless of what block is on top of them has a buggy interaction when the block on top of them is transparent. The chest remains in an open state, and it isn't just graphical. It causes trapped chests to remain powered even after closing the chest. It...
  17. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Allow the breaking of tall grass in the inhib/tgen protection area

    This used to not be an issue because of the small block protection range on the two structures, but now it's super annoying trying to pvp and getting your attacks blocked by an indestructible tall grass block.
  18. Skuhoo

    Regarding The New TGen Tower Rules

    This post is in reference to this new rule change: Link The new set of rules regarding the placement of conquest structures is poorly though out. Take a look at some of Amanita's tower placements: Amanita benefits from being able to place their towers on natural pillars due to their...
  19. Skuhoo

    New Odd locked door behavior

    There's some extremely odd behavior occurring with locked doors at the moment. Attempting to lock doors while holding an item causes the door to be locked open. Shift+right-clicking the door again while holding an item will cause the door to close while remaining locked.
  20. Skuhoo

    New Unable to claim items in escrow chest

    After the 1.9 update it's impossible to retrieve the items stored in the escrow chest at spawn.