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  1. TheFreshLemon

    Suggestion Glass...

    Suggestion: Allow blast furnaces to smelt sand so I can get glass or add a custom recipe for like a kiln that can be used to smelt sand and clay faster. Takes to long reeee
  2. TheFreshLemon

    Bug Scuffed Chats smh....

    I don't know if this is apart of the scuffed update we just got for chats, but in town chat everything is green except for your personal title. Before the update all town levels like owner, lord, and the other levels each had different colors on their symbols (like an orange O) and now they...
  3. TheFreshLemon

    Bug Arcanum...

    When Loka first updated to 1.15.2 the Arcanum was bugged and you got the same 3 enchants, but they fixed this. Upon fixing this bug another one was created because now it gives max enchants whether its protection 4, sharpness 5, or fire prot and blast prot, etc. It also tends to give you a...
  4. TheFreshLemon

    Bug Picking up Items?

    When I kill someone or something and their loot lands on blood or grass for example you can't pick the items up unless you get the blood or break the grass. I don't know if this happens on any other blocks, but it definitely happens on these blocks.
  5. TheFreshLemon

    Added Sodium

    Name: Sodium Link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/sodium/ Description: Sodium is a free and open-source rendering engine replacement for the Minecraft client that greatly improves frame rates, reduces micro-stutter, and fixes graphical issues in Minecraft. It boasts wide...
  6. TheFreshLemon

    Suggestion Combat & Portals

    1. The other day I was in end with my town messing around doing dragons & grinding pearls. After we were finished I hit one of my members into the portal and realized you could use the portal while in combat. I think this is scuffed because you basically can never die while grinding at the...
  7. TheFreshLemon

    Implemented Scuffed RI's!

    Issues & Possible Fixes: When I was testing the new instanced Resource Isle's at Ascalon I immediately noticed the lack of diamond spawns compared to before. I get that around 10 stacks was unrealistic and allowed the rich to get even richer, but getting a stack or even less sometimes is...
  8. TheFreshLemon

    No Plans to Implement Invis!

    Suggestions: Add invis back into Conquest/battlezones or swap out the spectral module with something new. This made the spectral module useless basically and I don't really know why this was removed in the first place, so if you know why can you answer it below, thanks. Allow town members to...
  9. TheFreshLemon

    No Plans to Implement Daily Dock Block

    Suggestion: Allow us to fortune or silk the daily dock block, it's kinda garbage or add it into the Balak buff or like a mini policy for Rivinia.
  10. TheFreshLemon

    Bug /c train

    Bugs: 1. You can't mod your tgen even if you're on defense or offense. 2. None of the attacking modules work 3. The core is all weird and has purplur blocks and not updated like the real ones. 4. When you make a custom kit and then come into c train you spawn with nothing and are forced to use...
  11. TheFreshLemon

    No Plans to Implement Bunnies >:(

    I suggest adding rabbits to the desert now more then ever since you can't farm rabbit feet, raw rabbit, or rabbit hide on Ascalon by killing them unless you own the biome. (Apparently this was broke). This would also add to the desert resources and allow another place to obtain these resources...
  12. TheFreshLemon

    Suggestion Wither Rose

    When the 1.15 update first came out I went to go try the new shrines and from a loot bag I got 5 wither roses. I didn't know how to obtain this item so I went on google and saw " They can only be obtained either from the Creative inventory or when the Wither kills a mob (depending on the...
  13. TheFreshLemon

    Suggestion Proving Grounds

    Ideas for Proving Grounds: 1. Make it so that PvP is off in the Private PG spawn platform, so people can't camp and bow people off. 2. Add a way to tell the person who sends invites "invite sent" or something not just a blank message. 3. Add a cool down on invites so people can't spam, this...
  14. TheFreshLemon

    No Plans to Implement Bring back 5 attacks

    I'll keep it short and sweet. ;) 1. Since the strength swing for fights overall has been reduced why reduce the amount of times you can attack? Reducing the number of attacks and reducing the amount of strength gained per fight isn't very balanced, so you would want to increase the amount of...
  15. TheFreshLemon

    No Plans to Implement /nick

    Recently there was a player "WashYourAss" who was asked to change his name or he'd be banned. He has had this name since 2018 and I think it's unfair to ask someone to change their name or even get/use a new account. An alternative to this could be allowing only Guardian+ to /nick the person...
  16. TheFreshLemon

    Suggestion Alliance Chest

    I think that a /a chest would be a cool addition to Loka. It would work just like /g chest, but could be used across the alliance and not just town members.
  17. TheFreshLemon

    Crisis in TerraIncognita.

    Dear Loakans, I just wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on this situation that happened recently while playing on Loka. THE BACKSTORY . On October 22nd, 2019 I made my way over to TerraIncognita while rikard_renata and dreamy_faust were still online. I make it to their town and I go full...