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  1. Jammin_Mas

    FoxyBearGames For Sentry

    Every evening after a long day I cannot sleep. Foxybeargaming has ruined my life. Brandon and he. Horrible pvp music. JAMMINMASDOWN on every server I go on. JAMMINMASDOWN official reddit. This upload. Nightmares about JAMMINMASDOWN. This cannot be. No JAMMINMASDOWN. Only FOXYFORSENTRY DOWN.
  2. Jammin_Mas


    At some point this whole mindset is going to have to be dropped. Loka is a unique minecraft server and should have features adjusted to its content. Aint no one gonna wanna spam repair golems every fight and going against a golem buff module (G.O or Buff) and even the 1s Iron repair suggested...
  3. Jammin_Mas

    A New Beginning...

    https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/minecraft-jabba-the-hutt-build-schematic-98a5ed524d4843b68920bf36fd9069fe hmmmmmmmmmm
  4. Jammin_Mas

    Fourth Round of LCR results

    I do not think we can accept the results of this election. We must hire a defense team immediately.
  5. Jammin_Mas

    Itz_Abhi42069 For Slicer

    +1 Kinda sad he only recruits against Jammin Mass tho...
  6. Jammin_Mas

    Implemented Remove Jump Boost from Conquest Fights

    I have never met a person who wanted to use jump boost during a fight.
  7. Jammin_Mas

    Implemented Remove Jump Boost from Conquest Fights

    A new "meta" that is very cancerous is using tipped jump boost arrows and also splash jump boost pots on the enemy in conquest fights. This is even worse than the cross bows with weakness and personally this doesn't look good for the new people joining conquest for the first time. Jump boost is...
  8. Jammin_Mas

    pvp is my middle name

    you should just put these under one thread like nerdie does, so the general discussion isn't clogged up
  9. Jammin_Mas

    Suggestion Balak and Rivina maps

    Can we just nuke balak
  10. Jammin_Mas

    Loka fight rolled back.

  11. Jammin_Mas

    Jammin_Mas For Community Rep

    Go hide in your cannons base wembly
  12. Jammin_Mas

    2020 Loka Power Rankings

    Stop clogging up my thread with your arguments you monsters!
  13. Jammin_Mas

    Ban Appeal - JMartyn

    From past experience Jmartin has been very respectful and kind to me and while he is coming off of a lengthy ban I doubt he would risk it like this. I hope this can be sorted and we can see him back on loka soon.
  14. Jammin_Mas

    2020 Loka Power Rankings

    September 2020 Power Ranking Results Are In (Only top 5) Best In the South(1) *World Cap and Garama Cap Winner "SigmaFlash and his 60 Datblockers" Regional Powers(2) "75% of their army are zombies in god gear" Seagull Shores(3) *Ascalon Cap Winner "Apparently they betrayed..."...
  15. Jammin_Mas

    Banned for ''Account Sharing''

    I'm pretty sure staff received a tip from someone and it wasn't the ip issue. I could be wrong though.
  16. Jammin_Mas

    Jammin_Mas For Community Rep

    Age: 21 Current rank: Slicer What you think is expected of position: A community representative should be a very knowledgeable member of the lokan society and have a passion and dedication for what they are trying to represent for this amazing community. Community representatives should hold a...
  17. Jammin_Mas

    Moosebobby for LCR

    He is the best youtub.
  18. Jammin_Mas

    Still Interested...

    I have seen Nova on a couple servers I go on so I will add my support. After playing with him and seeing the length of the ban is two years I am confident that he has corrected his mistakes and is ready for a return to loka. Of-course like other unbans he will be on warning, and also two years...