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  1. SayreSlayer

    Keep diego banned

    i got off tarkov to play towny with my little brother, checked disc for the first time in the week and saw diego was banend. I want to say that this is probably the best move that the loka staff has made this year. Appaluse to everyone involved. Such a TOXIC member like him deserves to quarted...
  2. SayreSlayer

    Suggestion remove 6m warp

    there is little I hate more in this life then 6 minute warps. please remove crypt. i get the idea that its supposed to be for protecting an alliances last tile but it is unfun. you can literally win fights outnumbered 2:1 with 6m if you know what you're doing.
  3. SayreSlayer

    Suggestion expand vuln hours

    Current vuln times make it so many players won't be able to fight in conquest for literal months because the continent they're on has vuln hours that don't favor them. No one wants to stay up till 2am for minecraft. Doubling or atleast increasing vuln to 12 hours would allow euro/au/asians and...
  4. SayreSlayer

    Ringo/SayreSlayer for LCR

    Age: 18 Current rank: Settler What you think is expected of position: I believe an LCR's job is to represent player interests as accurately as possible. Essentially, I think the LCR, ideally, would be an envoy between the leader and designers of the community and the most active members, seeking...
  5. SayreSlayer


    WELCOME TO VERY LOKA POWER RANKINGS TODAY THINGS HAVE CHANGED AROUND WITH BITW BETRAYING AND DECIDED TO BECOME A BUILDING CLAN INSTEAD HERE IS UPDATE Cov(1) "Stromgarde War" Covenant(2) "Richest Alliance on Loka" Cov proxies(3) "Has to use Spanish and English vc's during fights"...
  6. SayreSlayer

    SayreSlayer permmute appeal

    Hi. I was permanently muted for making a dumb joke about mexicans 2 months ago while wasted. I understand how this was toxic and negatively affected the loka community, and I think I've shown before and after my mute that I'm not really the type of person. I've recruited alot of people to loka...
  7. SayreSlayer

    Suggestion Looking at cost of war on loka, and economic problems to conquest towns caused by the new RI update

    Looking through a recent thread on the new RI update, I saw a post by crypt: "Pretty much all players have reported getting about 1-1.5 stacks of diamonds (64 - 96) from one RI. Breaking it down: It currently takes one player 1 hour to fund your entire town for 1 day. That's assuming they...
  8. SayreSlayer

    SayreSlayer permamute Appeal

    Been a while and if possible , I'd like to be unmuted. What I said to fatal was incredibly immature and demeaning, only happening because I was drunk. I don't think I'll ever repeat this type of behavior again, and will avoid antagonizing fellow Lokans in the future, whether unmuted or not...
  9. SayreSlayer

    Implemented Don't use Badlion Client and don't allow it here

    If Lokans want to avoid being datamined, they should avoid Badlion. Although Badlion client has experienced popularity with many users, I haven't been able to find anyone looking into their code to find backdoors/possible issues with the client, after the recent thread suggesting allowing it...
  10. SayreSlayer

    Suggestion 5 Attacks

    Hello. As a proud member of equinox, having only 3 chances to lose a day isn't nearly enough. It allows my alliance to even believe we may have a chance of winning this month due to the lack of fights. I think it's cruel to make half the conquest players on the server think they have the hope...