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  1. Skuhoo

    FroggyFruit for Community Rep

    Speaking as a current LCR rep Froggy has been great in his position and he's by far the most vocal in the group. Sayre organizing the brigading of this thread speaks more about his own maturity and fitness for the role than Froggy's.
  2. Skuhoo

    The Official Lore of Sandsete

    Sandsete looks too nice to be a fascist state. My immersion is broken.
  3. Skuhoo

    Sylvis. Loka's Megatown

    I wouldn't plan around that. Hopper minecarts are supposed to be completely disabled since they produce the same amount of lag as roughly 40 regular hoppers. Them functioning at all is a bug.
  4. Skuhoo

    Sylvis. Loka's Megatown

    How long until a civil war breaks out and the storage room becomes a ruined battlefield?
  5. Skuhoo

    No Plans to Implement Longer Builder For Alliances

    Builders are not for dual citizenship.
  6. Skuhoo

    Rejected Lunar Client (Not yet released)

    The response from Mag about Badlion Client is pretty relevant here since the clients are similar: https://lokamc.com/forums/index.php?threads/allow-badlion-client.4704/#post-40841
  7. Skuhoo

    Rejected Vivecraft

    I really doubt our anticheat would like that very much
  8. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Bountiful Tile Revamp

    I'd be in favor of just removing them entirely. They don't accomplish their goal of increasing continent conflict and so now are just resources being pumped into the economy at no cost.
  9. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Alternative Dispenser Recipe

    Crafting dispensers normally builds character.
  10. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Inspect individual town levels

    This is intentionally not a thing. Crypt and Mag don't want players to figure out super optimal town leveling strats and not having a progress bar for individual levels obscures the information needed to do that.
  11. Skuhoo

    Implement in Future Give us a development blog (or something of the sorts)

    This is the sort of thing we'd want to tackle with the new website. The only real downside is that someone (Mag/Crypt) would need to spend time writing dev blogs instead of actually developing but I think some short blog posts showing off even minor dev work would go a long way. Right now we're...
  12. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Combat & Portals

    Infinite food is a bad thing in pvp because you can't get saturation regen.
  13. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Town Trading (Industry?)

    Shulkers boxes are already a really dense storage. Is trading 27 stacks of items per inventory slot really not sufficient?
  14. Skuhoo

    No Plans to Implement Invis!

    If you want to be visible to your town members then don't drink an invisibility potion. CIT pack balance isn't relevant because there's code that blocks them already.
  15. Skuhoo

    No Plans to Implement Allow badlion client

    There are Badlion features that cannot be disabled through their API (like disabling tall grass rendering). I was also unable to measure or notice an FPS improvement over just OptiFine.
  16. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Alliances swapping territories

    So by contrary you mean not contrary? The current and intended behavior is that builds in a territory do not get reset when a town loses control of it. If someone from outside your town/alliance tries to break blocks in territories you own they will regenerate. People can and do build in...
  17. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Alliances swapping territories

    Modifications to a territory do not regenerate when the territory becomes neutral again.
  18. Skuhoo

    Suggestion bring blacksmithing industry

    Ancient ingots have a static price and infinite supply. They already repair things for shards.
  19. Skuhoo

    The Loka+ Resource Pack [16x]

    Loka+ has been updated to 1.15.2. Please use the latest version of OptiFine (G1 pre21 at the time of this post) or you will get missing textures for a few items. The custom golem textures are currently not working due to a bug with OptiFine. I didn't feel like that was enough of a reason not to...
  20. Skuhoo

    Updating Litematica and Optifine to 1.15.2

    Litematica is so much better than Schematica once you spend 20 minutes figuring it out. Origin points, keeping schematics loaded on relogs, and multiple regions per schematic are all awesome features Schematica didn't have.