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  1. Bob_the_BuiIder

    Sup gamers

    Permanently voiding this forums account’s password and logging out, I’m accessing.
  2. Bob_the_BuiIder

    Sup gamers

    Uninstalled every thing but google chrome and essentials on my laptop, deleted my discord and am no longer gaming. Would like to say Loka was one hell of a ride but for me now, gaming has no fun to it, all I do is click my mouse on a body and press w. For those who still enjoy gaming keep on...
  3. Bob_the_BuiIder

    Suggestion Proving Grounds Quick Chat

    Can't we just link PG chat to the main server for moderation purposes?
  4. Bob_the_BuiIder

    No Plans to Implement Shorten bounty fight waiting time

    +1 2 hours seems a bit much and feels really awkward, I can relate with ACw because for EUs lots of placements are quite hard, but this is a player decision not a moderation choice
  5. Bob_the_BuiIder

    Attack on Titan Opening on Lokamc

    Ok so I made the Season 2 Attack on Titan Opening theme on noteblocks in Loka, It took me 3 days to make, around 16 stacks of redstone and help from a fellow child soldier friend (StayDerpie) Video:
  6. Bob_the_BuiIder

    Permamute appeal

    Hello! I'm Bob the Builder and I'm going to tell you reasons why I should get unperm muted. I was recently permuted on around the 26th of April for swearing too much in chat, I believe this mute was just as I was not complying to the ruleset however, I believe I should be given another chance...
  7. Bob_the_BuiIder

    SilentStormSix for Sentry

    +1 But do you really play 8-9 hours a day?
  8. Bob_the_BuiIder

    Suggestion Duels

    +1 I’d also like to see the possibility of custom duel kits without the traditional loadout, or simply more loadouts.
  9. Bob_the_BuiIder

    Bob the Builder's fishing probability spreadsheet

    The Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/145G556hBmAyJKP2Nosw4Ruj2hQLC_GfKSx2-mUKaFGA/edit?usp=sharing - This is the link to the spreadsheet, it currently documents the amount of fish I get and what type I get. The Reason: I wanted to find out the rarities of how common fish...