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  1. Ronshaud

    Ronshaud Risewell

    Our story begins beyond the horizon of our sight, to the south of Loka. Past our eyes, where the Artifacts protection ends, lie a series of islands known to its residents as Steamshire Islet. The tale begins when our protagonist was just a young man, an apprentice to a gifted redstoner where his...
  2. Ronshaud

    Hello Everyone!

    Greetings from Louisiana! I miss you all so so much. I want to give y'all an update on my life right now lol. Um, it is the summer & i start college at Southeastern University in the Fall of 2017. I will be purchasing a macbook pro hopefully soon. Hopefully i can finish where I left off on Loka...
  3. Ronshaud

    May the 4th be with you

    in honor of nation Star Wars day umm... idk I just thought this be good to post something lol. Miss you all. Back to real life <3
  4. Ronshaud


    i logged on today.. teehee. I'll be back Monday. (It's good news. Don't say otherwise) P.S. Cryptite, me and gabrosen challenge you to a duel ;)
  5. Ronshaud

    ahh Memories

    Memories are when your scrolling through the whole lokan forum, reading every old post.
  6. Ronshaud

    The Return

    Staring into the face of the isle, I dock my ship. Getting a nice deep smell of the Lokan air I once knew a while back before my disappearance, I first step foot on the wooden plank docks. In the distance I could see new comers, I was sure to go and meet them right away. "Who are you?" They ask...
  7. Ronshaud


    "15.2. You cannot assist in, nor attempt to convince someone to let you into a town so as to steal, murder members, etc." Does this include Skype? Since it isn't apart of Loka.
  8. Ronshaud

    Ronshaud X MasterTargaryen

    This just in, Ronshaud and the Elder, MasterTargaryen, have had a brotherly relationship for a long time. Some players have shipped these two because of how close they were. Rongaryen has been the topic in a few Dellsmite related Skype chats. Should the two remain brothers, or should they have...
  9. Ronshaud

    Lazuli73 X Preksak & more

    This just in, Lazuli admits her unexplainable love for the Overseer, Preksak. Also don't forget the Nethermancer X Leasuar. Lord that was a great experience to see. I am your relationship status guru with the Lokan News. Want to get noticed? Send a request on who I should ship next. -Ronshaud <3
  10. Ronshaud

    DoktorDuck for Slicer

    DoktorDuck has been a member of Loka since November 2014, is apart of Samsara/Riften, has never been banned from Loka, and he also helps assist new players in his spare time.. He is helping a new player as I post this. Very nice and has a great sense of humor. He showed players around spawn...
  11. Ronshaud

    EastBowmen for Slicer

    East has been around for a long time. I knew he had a recent ban back in Decemeber which lasted from the 20th-27th. He was banned for PvP logging which he still regrets. He was stuck in PorpoisePavillions for 3ish hours trying to negotiate with Cuyoya during this time. Before he PvP logged, a...
  12. Ronshaud

    PELLANOR for Slicer

    Cool guy, very active, nice, and has never been banned.
  13. Ronshaud

    _Xlan_ for Slicer

    He has been on loka for maybe a month or 2(from my knowledge) and he seems like he could be slicer material.
  14. Ronshaud


    Are they only available for pc website? Because I can't start one from Mobile
  15. Ronshaud

    Midgamerx for Slicer!!

    Midgamerx has been a member of Loka since sometime around April 2014. He loves RP, great friend, very full of humor, and is kind to all. He is a member of Dragostei. He deserves Slicer!! ;)
  16. Ronshaud

    Eevee500 for Slicer

    I know she doesn't use the forums much, but she has been on loka for 2 years and will make her 3rd year with us on July. She's a member that belonged to the Reach if I'm correct. She deserves slicer for being here so long.
  17. Ronshaud

    Johnny1207 for Slicer

    Johnny has played on Loka for 3 years and is not even a slicer yet! He is a member of Atlas and plays with maturity and is very active. He deserves Slicer after all these years :p +10 Oypcs!
  18. Ronshaud

    New Stacked Armor?

    I go to the market every now and then; while searching to see what armor was for sale, I noticed that their was a pair of stacked leather boots. I know leather boots have no great value but them being stack is either a bug, or just to save space.
  19. Ronshaud

    (Suggestion) 1v1 Ranking

    Could you make it so the 1v1 Ranking is similar to the VotA rankings? By this I mean: no green and red arrows, players that don't PvP on Loka shouldn't be first on the rankings, players with current high rating should be listed. If you don't understand what I'm saying, go to...
  20. Ronshaud

    Agorednocit for Slicer!

    Agorednocit has been a member of Loka for months. Well before Dhem Koldur was made(don't know how long ago that was). He is a very active player, friends with many, and he is so respectful and generous. He deserves Slicer!