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  1. Sparky___

    Lokan Community Representatives

    Announcing Lokan Community Representatives Help spread the information around to the community and raise your concerns! What it be? A group of player-elected representatives from within the active community that participate in higher-level discussions about the server. As a representative...
  2. Sparky___

    Closed Festival of Nassau

    Festival of Nassau Saturday January 12th, 2019 at 3pm EST Festival Rules Participation in the 1v1 Tournament disqualifies you from participating in the Silverhand Shuffle and vice-versa. No stealing, killing, or attempting to throw/shoot/or otherwise propel things into the fighting pit...
  3. Sparky___

    Sparky___ for Guardian

    Age: 23 Current rank: Sentry Which rank I am applying for: Guardian Expectations: Guardians, or admins, can make or break a server. Often, they are what players will use to define the quality of the server. Their actions and comments are often viewed as if coming from the server itself. As...
  4. Sparky___

    Suggestion Waving Inhibitor Startups

    It was minutes before battle and the members of Nassau were preparing, then they had a thought... Wouldn't it be nice if towns could agree to waive the 60 minute inhibitor startup time, if they both were ready for the fight to begin? So that is what this suggestion is about. Creating a feature...
  5. Sparky___

    Loka - Harassment

    The title of this post makes it a bit obvious what this is about, but to be more specific I’d like to highlight what I intend to address. Xovious’ response here to the thread Complaint - Kaphox Radar Report and Screenshare Avoidance is essentially a catalyst for what I hope will be a rather...
  6. Sparky___

    jibblypop for Slicer!

    I've known jib for several years, in that time I've known him to be a genuinely positive influence in the communities we've been a part of, and I think Loka is not an exception to that. He is often a laid-back player, who tries to make the most of situations and likes to have fun with other...
  7. Sparky___

    Sparky for Sentry

    Age: 22 years old Current rank: Slicer Which rank I am applying for: Sentry What I think is expected of this rank: Sentry Rank inherently requires that those who hold the rank maintain a respectable level of maturity and integrity. Sentries are essentially the face of server...