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  1. Wizardteepot

    Looking for interests in a D&D 5th Edition Lokan-Style Game

    As the title suggests, I'm trying to find out if people have any interests in possibly starting up a D&D 5th Edition game with me, that would take place in the realm of Loka. As someone who's been desperately trying to get into the D&D scene for the past few months, and has been addicted to...
  2. Wizardteepot

    Bug Adding Continuity to Industries

    This is borderline a bug report and a suggestion, otherwise I would've used the in-game report feature...so bare with me. As Conquest 3 saw some changes to industries, how much they produce, and how much they can hold, I've noticed two bugs: Items the either aren't generated but should/items...
  3. Wizardteepot

    New Lands Await

    After hearing plenty of stories of the great treasures found on the new islands just off the coasts of the three continents, the Aladrans get antsy, wanting to stake their own claims to the glorious riches. Captain Abel leads a small exploration crew deep into each island, digging up wealth...
  4. Wizardteepot

    Wizardteepot for Guardian

    Age: 18 Current Rank: Sentry Which rank are you applying for?: Guardian What do you think is expected of this rank?: Multiple things, honestly, but it boils down to a major three: a role model for the community, being level-headed in disputes, and having some kind of influence on the back-end...
  5. Wizardteepot

    Implement in Future A Balance to Kalros' Resource Isles

    Hey there, fellow Lokans! I want to suggest a balance to Kalros' resource island, and what better time to talk about economy changes than with the upcoming update of Conquest 3? When the resource islands rolled out, the had the intention of allowing new players the chance to gather ores and...
  6. Wizardteepot

    Lokan History (Abridged)

    [A/N: This is going to be a huge thing to take into account for this set of lore. Most of this isn’t canon! For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to restructure Loka’s history into more of a novel, and less of a History textbook, but in doing so, I’ve taken a ton of creative liberties with it. Each...
  7. Wizardteepot

    Wizardteepot for Guardian

    Age: 17 [or 4.25 considering Leap Year] Current rank: Sentry Which rank you are applying for: Guardian What you think is expected of this rank: Guardian's are meant to be role models of the community. Aside from Sentries and Slicers, Guardians are the first people that new people meet in the...
  8. Wizardteepot

    ImNotAdzy for Slicer

    Adzy_ or ImNotAdzy has been around for quite some time now and is quite a swell guy. With plenty of positive contributions to the server, and his loyalty to it [being extremely active both on Loka and on Discord], I believe it's about time he be deemed a slicer.
  9. Wizardteepot

    Suggestion The Gems Forum!

    Hey there! o/ Recently I've heard news floating around about a new gems system that is going to revamp the way lore scrolls and stat tracks are bought and used. Unfortunately, being on vacation has restricted me from participating in and listening to the aftermath of The State of the Server, so...
  10. Wizardteepot

    New Discord not using IGN for intro chat

    While trying to welcome a player from intro chat, I realized, once again, Discord wasn't using my Minecraft IGN, but my discord name. Tried doing /discord in game again since it worked last time, but to no avail. Still uses discord name, not IGN.
  11. Wizardteepot

    OtakuBookWorm for Slicer

    She's been around for quite some time and she's quite nice to all. I think she'd be a great slicer.
  12. Wizardteepot

    RayWard54 for Slicer

    He's kind and compassionate, infecting everyone with his consistent enthusiasm. Who can't love King Fox? He's been around for quite awhile now, and I think he deserves Slicer :)
  13. Wizardteepot

    Wizardteepot for Sentry

    Age: 17 [or 4.25 if you consider Leap Year] Current rank: Slicer Which rank you are applying for: Sentry What do you think is expected of this rank: A Sentry is expected to be a good role model for the community by keeping the chat relatively clean, unless something is used in good tastes or...
  14. Wizardteepot

    The Aurulians

    [A/N: Felt inspired to write a poem out of nowhere. Figured I would post it here. Enjoy! Feedback and comments are always appreciated!] The Aurulians Ajaxan and Grubul: the men who founded a town Trevester: the scientist to ignite the flame Xovious: the warrior to rally their spirits Jedoi...
  15. Wizardteepot

    Suggestion Minigames Arena!

    Sorry for my onslaught of suggestions, but here's more of a fun one! Recently, with the whole war going on, the server can get...stressful at times, and I think everyone can agree on that; however, when in a discord voice chat with several members from both sides [including: Skuhoo...
  16. Wizardteepot

    Suggestion Horses and Industries

    Like other animals on Minecraft, horses can be quite valuable when killed. Like Llamas, cows, mooshrooms, and rabbits, they drop a source of Leather. However, the previously mentioned spawn only on Ascalon and are heavily protected whereas horses spawn on both Kalros and Ascalon, so my...
  17. Wizardteepot

    The Major Accomplishments of Loka

    With today making two months from my arrival on Loka, I figured we should do something special :) I'm not going to lie, two months have passed very fast, but it's been filled with momentous accomplishments! So, what have been your accomplishments with your time here on Loka? From the time you...
  18. Wizardteepot

    Suggestion The Ability to "Salvage" Gear

    Especially with the implementation of Zombie Pigmen dropping ALL of the vanilla drops, chests are starting to fill up with unused weapons and armor. I understand that, to make this gear useful, it would have to be repaired and enchanted, but after a while, that starts chewing up power shards or...
  19. Wizardteepot

    Suggestion Aligned Friendly Chat

    Hiya :D This is just a smaller suggestion, but is there anyway to make a chat channel in game for friendly towns? I personally like reminding everyone about the daily quests and ores in Aladra, but I feel bad when I can only get in touch with my alliance members in-game. Is there anyway to make...
  20. Wizardteepot

    Suggestion More NPC based jobs in Aladra?

    So I've been thinking about this recently: until the resource island opens up, ores seem particularly rare around Loka (or I'm just really bad at mining. Oh well, I digress.) I've also realized that Frodii, on the fish docks, will pay you 12 power shards for 8 raw fish. Perhaps, to help out...