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  1. Xlan

    FatalDeath for Slicer

    +1 FATALDEATH is a top tier lad. very good boy
  2. Xlan

    Im am so sorry...

  3. Xlan

    April Conquest Update

    i am sad there is no coalition name or chat because that would be great but i am happy about the other stuff. very nice :timmy:
  4. Xlan

    Conquest, Beachheads and More!

  5. Xlan

    Good morning

    Good morning
  6. Xlan

    Conquest, Beachheads and More!

    oh MY
  7. Xlan

    NerdNation's Departure & Raid

    Y E E T love u goodbye
  8. Xlan

    Jthebookworm for Slicer

    With this new information I would like to call J stupid and dumb. I apologize for I did not know she was such a menace on the server. I WILL be better.
  9. Xlan


  10. Xlan


  11. Xlan

    Suggestion Remove Bed Bombing

    yes pls
  12. Xlan

    Implemented Nerf Buff Module

    Wait I'm confused. Because when buff was first introduced, the post says that it was only a 2x health increase to golems, but in the recent post it says that it was buffed from 200% to 300%. I can't seem to find anywhere in between where it was changed from a 100% health increase to a 200%...
  13. Xlan

    Suggestion Changes to Loka are needed.

    all i see is this
  14. Xlan

    Xlan for Slicer

    +1 thanks, i always thought I should be the lead director behind balance changes
  15. Xlan

    Curlyy for Slicer

    10/10 nice person. let her say welcome to loka in intro chat +1
  16. Xlan

    _Adzy for Sentry

    P L U S O N E _adzy_ is a very good minecraft player and an even better loka minecraft player. He has the maturity and mental attitude to be a fantastic sentry. also he has nice legs,:)
  17. Xlan

    Silentstorm6 for Slicer

  18. Xlan

    Jthebookworm for Slicer

    Ok, so this one is basically a nobrainer. Jthebookworm? More like JtheBestPersonEverWorm. She is like, nice :) (smile). Loves to help people, and helps out new players when she is online! If I am to be honest, J is like a rainbow across the sky, for she brings a new dawn of happiness whenever...