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  1. MrPiggels123

    Closed Aurulian Nether's Eve Festival

    Sounds fun, I'll just be getting home so I think I can make it :D
  2. MrPiggels123

    Suggestion Wasted Potential on Golden Apples

    I like like the Speed 2 and Strength 2 idea maybe just make it last like 3 seconds so if in conquest you could run away with low hearts. For the religious gaining faith thing would it have a cool down like praying does? Or would it be a whole new category like eat this religious food and you...
  3. MrPiggels123

    Sofatroll For Slicer

    +1 He taught me how to kill myself in the hub.
  4. MrPiggels123

    Today We Mined 168k Netherrack

    I wish I could've been there. :(
  5. MrPiggels123

    MrPiggles for Slicer

    Awww thank you guys so much this really means a lot to me.:):)<3