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  1. Pac_Man_

    special_llama is best llama

    special_llama is best llama
  2. Pac_Man_

    Conquest, Beachheads and More!

    Could this be handled via capital policy? You could have it set up something like this: No policy: Someone placing a beachhead on a neutral on your continent is subject to neutral vulnerability times. Benevolent policy: Someone placing a beachhead on a neutral on your continent obeys capital...
  3. Pac_Man_

    What makes a Good 1.9 PvP Server

    I’m not quite sure that everyone here is getting the same ideas I got from this. But I like this idea and will throw out my completely PvP irrelevant opinions anyways. So I think this would be a really cool thing to do but a few key aspects should be addressed. First off let’s talk custom kits...
  4. Pac_Man_

    Suggestion /g autopromote

    Last I heard, and that was a while ago so don’t hold me to this, something like this is in development as a part of jobs 2.0. Albeit not quite in the way you’re suggesting here, and not as direct as you’re thinking. Basically it’s Sku’s idea in this thread...
  5. Pac_Man_

    Thwartin' be Hard

    Here’s my two cents on all of this. Yeah, thwartin’ be hard, but I’d argue that’s by design. Raiding is something you can do, not something that is a major part of the server or it’s meta. Raiding is a game that rewards cunning and patience. It rewards taking the toolbox you have and using it in...
  6. Pac_Man_

    Suggestion Conquest Related Messages (Or Something Like That)

    Not super complicated ideas, just three more little improvements. All of these built around messages displayed during conquest fights. First off, recurring messages. It would be really swell if we could have those disabled during conquest fights. Having things like a town inactivity alert...
  7. Pac_Man_

    Suggestion Town Zone Notes

    Personally I envisioned it as a consistent, each time you enter it, thing. I do worry that it may have a nasty tendency to spam your chat if used too much, or if you’re stepping in and out of a zone a lot though. I figure you could mitigate how spam-y it feels with my idea in the main post, but...
  8. Pac_Man_

    Suggestion Town Zone Notes

    So this new idea comes way of inspiration from this thread, and some RP stuff I've been talking with McDanky about. The issue I have with that old suggestion of Thanius's was that it's just random tooltips. That's neat and all, but you can't be sure someone will see specific ones, and...
  9. Pac_Man_

    Suggestion Biome Related Mob spawns

    It sounds like what you're looking to do is contribute to Loka with your skills. In this case it seems you are clearly interested in the PvE side of things. We have a staff role for that, which you can apply for. So if you think that's something you might be interested in, then there's a few...
  10. Pac_Man_

    Steve5729 betraying Djscales101 and stealing his items.

    I try not to get involved in these things, but I’d like to bring up a few points. First off, the rule in this situation is pretty clear that Steve was within his rights as town owner here. If people don’t like that then offer solutions not complaints. Secondly, calling for the rule to be...
  11. Pac_Man_

    Suggestion Two Small Ranked PvP Quality of Life Things

    Lets keep this quick and easy shall we? First, I think that when you queue for ranked there should be a little thing somewhere that tells you how many other people are queued. If wanted you could add an option to disable it in /profile, but I'm not entirely certain why you would want that. But...
  12. Pac_Man_

    Suggestion Some Ideas for Town Jobs and NPCs!

    So this post is gonna consist of a few different ideas that might work together in some capacity. Either way, they’re mainly geared around jobs, and with Crypt, maybe the other Elder's, and the PvE team working on this sort of thing, these may be completely useless. If that's the case then...
  13. Pac_Man_

    2 years on Loka?!? Jeez, it’s been a wild ride. Thanks for all the good times so far, and here’s...

    2 years on Loka?!? Jeez, it’s been a wild ride. Thanks for all the good times so far, and here’s to lots more to come!!!
  14. Pac_Man_

    Waka Waka Waka Waka

    Waka Waka Waka Waka
  15. Pac_Man_

    Pac_Man_ for Builder

    Age: 18 Current rank: Sentry Which role you are applying for: Builder Why you think you should become this role: I believe that I should become a builder because of what I can offer the server. I am a proficient builder with a lot of creativity. I also bring to the table a certain degree of...
  16. Pac_Man_

    Danksgiving 2018 November 24th

    Thank you all for showing up today! We had a good time and we hope you all did too!!! A big congratulations to our winners! You guys did some fierce fighting out there! If you didn’t get your prize let MasonMcBadBat or I know and we’ll address it as soon as we can! That said, we do want to...
  17. Pac_Man_

    ..-. .- .-. / - --- --- / -- .- -. -.-- / . . .-.. ... / ..-. --- .-. / .- / ... .. -. --. .-...

    ..-. .- .-. / - --- --- / -- .- -. -.-- / . . .-.. ... / ..-. --- .-. / .- / ... .. -. --. .-.. . / .... --- ...- . .-. -.-. .-. .- ..-. -
  18. Pac_Man_

    Just doing my part to bury that. Because apparently someone bellow wasn’t being very cognizant...

    Just doing my part to bury that. Because apparently someone bellow wasn’t being very cognizant of others.
  19. Pac_Man_

    special_llama for Slicer

    Can you get more qualified than this? Please try and double check they aren't already Slicer before you post.