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  1. ACwavelength

    A case study of urbanisation on Ascalon

    Since my geography GCSE exam has been cancelled, I've decided to test my geographical skills on Loka instead. I chose the Ascalonian plains and surrounding areas as they are an example of urbanisation in a developed country, and due to the current situation there. Figure A Map of...
  2. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Solutions to Proxy towns and 'Vacations'

    In this post I'm not hating on holidays, just making points about some things that don't do the server any good. Proxy towns Towns all over loka have been making proxy towns on their own continents for resources, domination etc. This may be because it needs less effort and resources to make a...
  3. ACwavelength

    Suggestion New biomes for new resources

    These are just a few ideas I had about how the new resources could be added to loka. Dunno if things like new tiles are possible but I'll suggest them anyway. Bamboo Archipelago - New tiles off the north coast of the jungle on Garama covered in bushes and bamboo, with a floor of pozdol. Each...
  4. ACwavelength

    Fixed Zombies despawn when they have stolen armour on them

    Once upon a time, a curious ACwavelength was strolling through the deep dark tunnels of a long dead town, when he came across a giant chute going upwards into the darkness. Ignoring the literal double chests full of rotten flesh next to the chute, he blocked upwards into the darkness...
  5. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Compasses point to the tgen of the tile you're in

    otherwise they would be useless so they may as well have a use
  6. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Vendor NPCs

    NPCs that could be made to sell things for set prices or to set ranks within a town. They could be used to sell alcohol in bars, or sell goods in market stalls, ect. Also they could have access to void storage so they don't run out of stock.
  7. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Camps for nomads

    Either a zoned area in which the land doesn't regenerate, or a protected area for nomads to place their belongings. If a protected area, then it would act as a mini tgen with possible upgrades. Otherwise, it could be similar to how the barrel works, and would have to be a certain structure, and...
  8. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Custom trees from saplings

    No idea if it's possible, and maybe saplings would have to be individually bonemealed for this to happen. I hate seeing things like this where careless players have just made the place unattractive to explorers and new towns. If this were added I would replant trees in places like the...
  9. ACwavelength

    Bug Named horse despawned at spawn while leashed

    While riding my horse through the docks at spawn, I accidentally rode into the water. I had a lead though so I began dragging the horse toward the beach. But while I was doing this, it disappeared. The lead didn't even drop. I have no idea whether it managed to catch the boat to Ascalon, which...
  10. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Resource Isle events

    Basically, There would be a chance event for one of the three resource isles to become 'prosperous' for a short amount of time; ores would drop something like twice as many items and experience. Mobs would have a bigger chance of having diamond armour and would drop more loot and xp, also their...
  11. ACwavelength

    No Plans to Implement More erosion in wilds ruins

    When big towns fall and become ruins, their buildings decay and become overgrown. when smaller towns fall their buildings remain basically untouched. You'd think that the smaller town would break apart more quickly than the bigger 'ruins', but no. I think when a town falls into the wilds it...
  12. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Valuable items stopped despawning

    Basically all I'm suggesting is a way for valuable or irreplaceable items to not be destroyed by despawning in places such as ruins and wilds, not just in towns. Maybe valuable items just don't despawn, or if that isn't sustainable, here are some ideas I came up with: Burial - items become tied...
  13. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Town Hibernation to prevent towns falling due to inactivity

    I haven't been on loka long and I've already seen many towns fall, all of them falling for one reason: Inactivity. I've also seen players attacking friendly towns in an effort to keep them alive while the town's members are away. My suggestion to combat this is 'hibernation' - a state a town...
  14. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Seasons to engage players all year

    Just like in the real world of farming and industry, there are times of the year which are different to others. On loka, these could be seasons. Autumn; being the harvest season would be the most bountiful season. Mills would produce more stuff per industry cycle. Spawn could change slightly to...
  15. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Forge, Brewery, and portals

    These are just my ideas for new industries Forge - This would be similar to the enchantment industry, a stone room with an anvil in the middle, and an input chest at the back. Using the anvil in the middle would take half (Or a quarter, or three quarters, could vary depending on the town's...
  16. ACwavelength

    Suggestion No more spawnkilling

    Once you've been killed, and the enemy are in your portal room, they'll start repetitively slaughtering you and your town members for your heads, and for their stat tracking weapons to look better. This is just one example of spawnkilling I've seen recently (most of them happen to be by the...
  17. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Sieges

    In medieval warfare, sieges on castles and towns were reasonably common. But on loka, You can't really trap someone in their own town and force them to starve. I am suggesting the implementation of the 'siege inhibitor'. Basically an inhibitor, but the size and shape of a radar, these could be...
  18. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Custom Loka+ textures on lored weapons

    As an added bonus for all those hard earned orbs spent on putting lore scrolls on weapons/tools, I think they should get a custom Loka+ texture. I think this should be for weapons, tools and armour, and maybe even elytras and sheilds. This would allow players on and off the battlefield to see if...
  19. ACwavelength

    Implement in Future Stray cats, Phantom swarms, and Pillager raids

    In 1.14, cats and ocelots become two different mobs. This means you can't fully tame ocelots, and without a source of stray cats (because there are no villages of loka), people won't be able to have pet cats. As a solution to this, I think stray cats should spawn in Towns over a certain level...