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  1. Dwemer_Sphere

    Someone gave a lovely comment about the server tonight Crypt.

    This is for you Cryptite see even the knew players can see you and the rest of the staff work hard to bring us great content an a great server.
  2. Dwemer_Sphere

    JacobPanda14 Ban Report.

    Def Had already warned him before he left not to say such things and to watch the caps aswell did I. When Def left as soon as he did Jacob started this. When Shilo_Moonflair came on he started his crap then she warned him aswell and gave a retort.
  3. Dwemer_Sphere

    To Shinigami

    THIS should be what yalls town look like XD Doit!!! its stone wool and srpuce tyou alread are working with all that doooo ittttttt....The pink trees could be made of pink wool!!
  4. Dwemer_Sphere

    Docktor_Duck Report.

    Shortly before this screenshot along with most of what I can see today has bene spamming ether the same line or few lines over and over again after saying something else then going back to it. Like that as seen above which he stated around 3 times he was stuck and another 3 times for each thing...
  5. Dwemer_Sphere

    Petition to REMOVE leaver debuff

    I had enough of where I crash and get a leaver debuff unable to join back into the game to fight along side my allies and have missed now a 4v4 vota and possable a 5v5 gultch T^T. I saw just the other day me and madam was having a vota against two others and one of them just up and left Started...
  6. Dwemer_Sphere

    Aegon's Family Tree explaination.

    The End....
  7. Dwemer_Sphere

    History of Fel'Bthalft & Phlaalu's Story.

    ====================================================================== History of Fel'Bthalft ====================================================================== Long ago a colonist named Amar would set forth from the knife into the new world deterimed to leave behind the troubles of Earth...
  8. Dwemer_Sphere

    My DnD character.

    =============================== ~~Character Information~~ =============================== Name: "Creature" Adjorn Blackscale -He is known by Creature due to his unusual appearance with help of his inability to speak. Race: Black Dragonborn Class: Monk Background: Outlander: Hunter- Gatherer...
  9. Dwemer_Sphere

    I am back!

    sorry There is a good bit of things im also doing and have been taking a break on another RP server...One that I have recently found out why I left in the first place...caused migraines which caused worse things...I told my friends on there about Loka and will be hoping they come on here. I also...
  10. Dwemer_Sphere

    New What is this error report?

    This is the text I got from the server going down.
  11. Dwemer_Sphere

    Grief Report, The volcano, the Crystal, the Tower, the Towers Symbol on top

    All the specified things have been griefed. The crystal has dirt all over it on a side, The platform was messed iwth. the volcano is missing a chunk from it and some small holes, the tower is missing a large amount of pieces like the top symbol being griefed with a sign on top saying "Bound"...
  12. Dwemer_Sphere

    Enchanted Bow book for AUCTION

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enchant Book Stats ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Power IV Infinity I Unbreaking III ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Auction starts at 6 Diamonds Book will be sold to the Highest bidder in...
  13. Dwemer_Sphere

    New Leaver Debuffing when I dont Leave.

    Last two vota's I have played through the game Ends normally kicking me back to the server and I find myself with the Leaver debuff saying Im unable to join for 15mins.
  14. Dwemer_Sphere

    New Talent tree bug (possable)

    I have ntoiced there has been a few of the talents being bugged in the light of the information given that some player data was whiped Im typing this as more of a way to inform. I had some recent troubles with groove not procing on hits. I did a test with magpieman and the results seemed to be...
  15. Dwemer_Sphere

    That which Stirs Beneath

    *In the Depths something stirrs...Ancient forges alit with a powerful blaze that roars forward from the eyes of their Ancient Masters. After era's of time, long lost ruins have began to be uncovered by the dedicated few. The Darkness that once shrouded these places in mystery Bansihed forth...
  16. Dwemer_Sphere

    (Suggested) Pet Class for Talents

    Pet Class lore based Idea (The Necros-Mage) Profane Body: You now have a resistance to poison and wither effects 25% (equipment upgrade) Profane Armor: Your Summons now have better equipment from the looted bodies of the...
  17. Dwemer_Sphere

    (Suggested) Balance Changes to the Support tree

    Ok since i got back well for two days I have been extensively working on trying to find ideas to make the Freylia's Arrow Ability worth its salts versus Silence i looked at every detail Range vs Range, Abilites, And situations that each can be used. I have been writing them down on each match...
  18. Dwemer_Sphere

    [Solo] Buff Support Class LFG

    I would like to join a team as their supportive player to aid in the fight.