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Recent content by Wizardteepot

  1. Wizardteepot

    What is your DND Alignment?

    Personally, I'm somewhere between Lawful Good and Neutral Good. Tee Alduin is between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good The two D&D characters I've played so far have been Chaotic Good. - Salgorn Emberwood: Monk (Way of the Four Elements)/Cleric (Life Domain) multiclass Tiefling - Roan Staisah...
  2. Wizardteepot

    No Plans to Implement Relocate Ghast Shrine

    Southwest of the Docks, in that giant cave with glowstone. There's a magma cube spawner far above it
  3. Wizardteepot

    I don't like this community

    Jed recently asked me to make a motto for our alchemist's guild, and what I've come up with is "Beside every successful warrior is an even stronger brewer." (Looks at the 100+ shulkers of potions I recently brewed in 3 days for Silverhand and Auru for the last day of July Conquest) Next GHT...
  4. Wizardteepot

    What is your title in your town?

    When I first joined the Historians Guild in Auru, I was given the standard title of "Historian", until I came up with the title of "Chronicler" for myself (which I was later told was a title once held by Leasaur, I believe). Shortly after, I took up the mantle of Head Alchemist in Auru, and was...
  5. Wizardteepot

    Gain His Trust

    [A/N: Last Part of Chapter 14, I promise] It wasn’t often that Jed got to see Tee absolutely plastered. The only other time she could remember, on hand, was his acceptance to the Historian’s Guild, where the poor man’s tankard never seemed to run out of ale. Still, as everyone wanted to do...
  6. Wizardteepot

    Gain His Trust

    [A/N: Chapter 14 Part 2] As Bambi and Jed reemerged from the High King’s house, Jed felt a sudden tug on her shoulder. She turned quickly, but saw no one there. Perhaps she had imagined it? Bambi went to lead her towards the Spire, but a gut feeling told Jed to turn around. The High King...
  7. Wizardteepot

    Gain His Trust

    [A/N: Well, this took too long to get out. Hopefully it won't take me so long next time. Anyways, Questions, Comments, Concerns are always appreciated. Enjoy!] Chapter 14: A New Aurulian Era Jed had trouble sleeping well on the nights leading up to her wedding. Her dreams shifted all over...
  8. Wizardteepot

    Looking for interests in a D&D 5th Edition Lokan-Style Game

    Seems like there's a lot of support for this kinda of thing. I'll most likely split people up into two or more groups, just to make the game more manageable, instead of having to deal with an 8+ person party.
  9. Wizardteepot

    Looking for interests in a D&D 5th Edition Lokan-Style Game

    As the title suggests, I'm trying to find out if people have any interests in possibly starting up a D&D 5th Edition game with me, that would take place in the realm of Loka. As someone who's been desperately trying to get into the D&D scene for the past few months, and has been addicted to...
  10. Wizardteepot

    Creative Pearl Gate Designs

    Auru uses pearl gates? That's news to me.
  11. Wizardteepot

    asymptonic Nether's Eve 2018

    "You’ll need to understand something about Asymptonic. He was a scientist, typically known as a slicer." -Excerpt from Lokan History (Abridged) https://www.lokamc.com/forums/index.php?threads/lokan-history-abridged.3444/#post-28067
  12. Wizardteepot

    bye <3

    @mindblaster007 https://loka.wikia.com/wiki/The_Artifact
  13. Wizardteepot

    bye <3

    It will be sad to see you go. Although, as you said, we didn't talk much, I didn't dislike you, and it's often pretty hard for me to despise anyone. I'll make sure to find your book and shelf it in the library if it hasn't been already. You've shown some interest in lore and writing as a whole...
  14. Wizardteepot

    A goodbye to the server

    It's sad to see you go, and yet, I feel I'll still see you around somewhere. Good luck in wherever your journey may take you, Donut, but I strongly encourage you to forever keep writing: you've got quite a lot of potential, and I think you'd make a good writer one day!
  15. Wizardteepot

    An Audit of Loka

    As I'm guiding a newer player around my town, there's a lot of minute details that could be useful to have tutorials and tips about: - How can players make money on the server? - I'm chopping this spruce wood log, but only getting oak. What are biome restrictions? - The intro course taught me a...