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  1. TheFreshLemon

    Suggestion change to locks

    Nomads are OP. They can literally do anything o_O. My question is, does this window show only towns in your alliance? Or only towns on that continent? Or all of the towns on Loka. I feel if someone miss clicks somehow they will complain, etc.
  2. TheFreshLemon

    Suggestion change to locks

  3. TheFreshLemon

    Frog's Brewer Company

    Releasing a Schematic of Frog brewer for free. Dm me on discord at Lemon#2102. #FreeSubys
  4. TheFreshLemon

    What The Loka Community Wants

    I agree, I want to see 2v2 duels and the ranked season started again.
  5. TheFreshLemon

    Suggestion Legacy Chat

    bro... fax +1
  6. TheFreshLemon

    What The Loka Community Wants

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  8. TheFreshLemon

    Suggestion Discord Timer

    It does countdown from 24hours if you're on the server, but sure
  9. TheFreshLemon

    Suggestion /ri command

  10. TheFreshLemon

    No Plans to Implement rivina locks

    Do you know how broken this would be? There are reasons locks exist and Rivinia is for competition like all fights. They're probably the most fun, but that doesn't mean they aren't competitive/have no meaning.