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Recent content by TheFragileBlade

  1. TheFragileBlade

    Building Loka, Brick by Brick.

    Good work Sku. xD
  2. TheFragileBlade

    Steve5729 for Librarian

  3. TheFragileBlade

    ewwww no

    ewwww no
  4. TheFragileBlade

    Suggestion New Biome Suggestions (and lore with it)

    While I like the idea I have no clue how they would implement that without a fourth continent and they have made it clear there would need to be a large uptick in the player base to quantify it.
  5. TheFragileBlade

    A Letter Home

    Dear King Neo, It has been sometime since I have spoken with you so I believed a letter was due on my part. A lot has happened to me in the last four months that I have been outside of your service. As you know I was to meet my father in Anubis to hold conference with him. To my great surprise...
  6. TheFragileBlade

    Building Loka, Brick by Brick.

    You could do that, that would make it a usable build at mini figure scale which would be cool for display.
  7. TheFragileBlade

    Building Loka, Brick by Brick.

    How about Anubis?
  8. TheFragileBlade

    Do you believe in destiny?

    Do you believe in destiny?
  9. TheFragileBlade

    Building Loka, Brick by Brick.

    Bad Blazeslayer, no bias! Not very slicer of you. Lol xD
  10. TheFragileBlade

    Suggestion Role Play Events

    Alright, thank you Magpie!
  11. TheFragileBlade

    Suggestion Role Play Events

    I have loved this server for many years and while I have enjoyed the player versus player aspect of the server I wish there was more role play opportunities. I am aware that role play is generally on a town by town basis but let us not forget the roots of the server being an over arching story...
  12. TheFragileBlade

    No Plans to Implement Boosting

    So today I learned that if you boost the discord server for a month you don't get to keep the kill messages or the title unlike the kill messages and title you get from subscribing so I just purpose that. (It's 4am here so if this sounds like stupidity I am sorry)
  13. TheFragileBlade

    Apple Pie Thief

    One day I was baking in the kitchen of the Elrohiran Palace and I had just set a fresh apple pie out on the counter as I went to the my personal store of sake. When I returned half the apple pie had disappeared, at this sight I was perplexed as I was not aware of anyone else being home. As this...