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  1. Terryn_Greystone

    Khanye mute appeal

    -1 You've more than proven that you are incapable of behaving in chat. While this may have been a joke, it isn't anything that belongs on Loka. You should use this as an opportunity to reflect on your behavior, and better yourself.
  2. Terryn_Greystone

    SilentStormSix for PvE dev

    +1 I've seen Storm take a lot of interest in this sort of thing. It would suit him very well, and I can see him making some very cool content!
  3. Terryn_Greystone

    MsDanky for Slicer

    +1 I've seen only positive things from her! Seems really friendly, and I think she would make a great Slicer!
  4. Terryn_Greystone

    Suggestion Netherite blocks being obtainable for building

    So, basically. What I was thinking was that maybe Netherite blocks could be obtained by crafting them using some different types of resources, or even possibly obtainable in some PVE location. Obviously you'd be unable to craft them into netherite ingots. They would purely funtion as a...
  5. Terryn_Greystone

    What The Loka Community Wants

    Fantastic post, Foxy! Very glad to see you putting so much effort into the betterment of Loka. I really hope to see all the stuff you've listed to be made reality on the server. It's quite exciting to think about how much is going to be changing soon!
  6. Terryn_Greystone

    TheFragileBlade for Senty

    I've known Blade for quite some time now, and after seeing how well he handles his servers, and how well he handles people in general. I definitely think he would make a great Sentry. We may have had our differences in the past, and my feedback on him now is different from what it was, due to...
  7. Terryn_Greystone

    Terryn_Greystone for Sentry

    Age: 17 Current rank: Slicer Which rank you are applying for: Sentry What you think is expected of this rank: A Sentry should be mature, unbiased, and also pleasant to talk to, yet also still capable of being very serious when needed. If there's an issue with a person breaking the rules, it...
  8. Terryn_Greystone

    You are ignoring me.

    You are ignoring me.
  9. Terryn_Greystone

    No Plans to Implement Glass...

    -1 If it's slow, then just say no.
  10. Terryn_Greystone

    Diego Ban Appeal

    +1 I have messaged Diego many times to get Efforyt online so that I can make trades and such. I've got many screenshots like this one. Some where she wasn't able to get online, and others where she was able to. In this certain screenshot, Diego could've just gotten on her account, but he didn't...
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  13. Terryn_Greystone

    The_Iron_Empire for Slicer!

    I've known Iron for quite some time now, and there is no doubt in my mind that he deserves this position! While he may be one of the most insane people I have ever met, he is one of the friendliest/smartest people I have ever known, and I am proud to call him a friend! So, hell yeah! He get's a...
  14. Terryn_Greystone

    Tartarus: A Journey To The Bottom

    Damn! Good job! Can't wait to see what you do with the tile now. You've got quite a lot of space to work with, for whatever you plan on making. (Since I heard that you are thinking about using the empty space for some build, could be mistaken though.) But, if you do end up making something in...
  15. Terryn_Greystone

    Thunderhold is complete!

    Because I've got a lot about to happen IRL, and some other projects that I'll be focusing on. So I wont have time for Loka. I'll be back once things quiet down.