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  1. Skuhoo

    What The Loka Community Wants

    Reports are not necessarily bugs. Internally we use reports as a way to write down suggestions and tasks that need to get done unrelated to a bug. In reality there aren't many high priority bug reports. Of the reports that are actually referencing bugs a large amount of them are duplicates or no...
  2. Skuhoo

    Updating your mods to 1.16.4 - Litematica, Optifine and Sodium links

    That FPS with your specs doesn't surprise me but is it better with OptiFine? I also noticed your resolution suggests you're not playing in fullscreen which has worse performance.
  3. Skuhoo

    Updating your mods to 1.16.4 - Litematica, Optifine and Sodium links

    1.16.3 Sodium works fine in 1.16.4.
  4. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Stop resetting kills when lore is cleared

    Don't worry I already made a report about this. It's only a matter of time before it's in.
  5. Skuhoo

    Diego Ban Appeal

    Unmentioned so far is that Gali's account logged off before we could freeze it and logged back in ~30 seconds later. It's for that reason we felt a screenshare would be worthless, since Diego could have easily logged Gali back in via a separate PC.
  6. Skuhoo

    Implemented change town, local, alliance and religion colors back

    People need to articulate what they actually don't like about the colors. Currently this thread's opinions can be summed up with "I don't like the change because it's different from what I'm used to", which is really not a valid criticism. For me, I think it's a bit jarring having the new...
  7. Skuhoo

    Suggestion GaramaMC? we want lokamc.

    Loka just upgraded like a week ago, though.
  8. Skuhoo

    Updating your mods to 1.16.4 - Litematica, Optifine and Sodium links

    I compiled sodium for 1.16.3 and included the fix for AMD cards and in the same location I went from 175 fps to 355 fps. I've attached the jar file if you want to try it yourself. Make sure you enable "Disable Driver Blacklist", save and close settings, then switch to the GL 4.3 chunk renderer...
  9. Skuhoo

    Updating your mods to 1.16.4 - Litematica, Optifine and Sodium links

    Do you by chance have an AMD graphics card? There's a compatability issue specifically with some AMD cards and Intel iGPUs.
  10. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Eldritch Not Suggestion

    I don't want to be namemc but if you hover over a player's name on their stat page it will now tell you what their previous name was. Try "!damage taken latest" now.
  11. Skuhoo

    Loka fight rolled back.

    This aged poorly
  12. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Fix kalros map

    Item frames have an invisibility tag for whether the frame should be visible or not. Loka could just set it to invisible if a continent map is placed inside and unset it if it's removed.
  13. Skuhoo

    Added Frog's Mod Suggestions Pt. 1

    That's in vanilla 1.16.2 so it's probably not worth whitelisting a mod for that when Loka 1.16 isn't far away.
  14. Skuhoo

    FroggyFruit for Community Rep

    Speaking as a current LCR rep Froggy has been great in his position and he's by far the most vocal in the group. Sayre organizing the brigading of this thread speaks more about his own maturity and fitness for the role than Froggy's.