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Recent content by SigmaFlash

  1. SigmaFlash

    Make your own epic gamer grid

    OW pro :cool:
  2. SigmaFlash

    Suggestion TNT Minecarts

    -1 i dont think cryptite is ready for the duties of a slicer. he is really toxic in chat
  3. SigmaFlash

    jakeman5 for sentry

    +1 yes
  4. SigmaFlash

    FatalDeath for Sentry...?

    fataldeath is khal drogo
  5. SigmaFlash

    FatalDeath for Sentry...?

    +1 need spanish staff plus this guy is somewhat like my boyfriend hes also above the average age of the current sentries
  6. SigmaFlash

    Unreadi for Slicer!

  7. SigmaFlash

    Samisol for PvE Dev

    +1 i lub slambol
  8. SigmaFlash

    Perma ban appeal

    +1 pls bring back clutch
  9. SigmaFlash

    Suggestion NEW DUEL ARENAS

    +1 pls
  10. SigmaFlash

    Ughbraces for slicer

    +1 ugh braces is like so wow to me
  11. SigmaFlash

    sami_sol = yosri confirm???!

    +1 would make a good elder
  12. SigmaFlash

    Announcing My Loka Presidential Candidacy

    he was at work when he wrote this btw