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Recent content by SigmaFlash

  1. SigmaFlash

    Suggestion ReAuth Mod

    sounds like cash to me...
  2. SigmaFlash

    Edgewind Stall at the Fruitopian Tournament

    sounds like valyria stall is better :)))) we got the game of thrones lore and everything. nice try valyria stay winning
  3. SigmaFlash

    Frog's Submarine Stall!

    cant handle the replies cos he knows the better stall
  4. SigmaFlash

    Frog's Submarine Stall!

    Lol imagine only raffling one lore sword broke boy pop out to valyria stall babey
  5. SigmaFlash

    Suggestion /ri command

    Since crypt added the thing in chat that tells you when your ri's are ready to be mined, maybe add a command so u can check whenever because u could be afk or not see the msg when it pops up and it would make life ez pz
  6. SigmaFlash

    No Plans to Implement Way Stones

    sounds like a fat gank cos i can get a tp to someones base by killing them if they r carrying a way stone
  7. SigmaFlash


    so much lore yo
  8. SigmaFlash

    branzonzx3 and Silver911's Wedding

    no the sail is just ugly
  9. SigmaFlash

    Frog's Brewer Company

    de ho bou dri a hae da fuh
  10. SigmaFlash

    Suggestion Glass...

    just use autosmelter
  11. SigmaFlash

    Official Festival The First New Fruitopian Tournament

    You are not ready for the Valyrian Raffle then
  12. SigmaFlash

    Diego Ban Appeal

    nice room teyu also i thought diego may have not been alting but after seeing cryptite's proof and reasoning it seems 100% true that diego was alting like there is no way that one stops moving and the other starts moving at the same time right as the horseman spawns in
  13. SigmaFlash

    Diego Ban Appeal

    forums war starts with this post ^