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  1. SayreSlayer

    Suggestion Adjust Tab List Colors

    -1 froggy suggested it
  2. SayreSlayer

    Diego Ban Appeal

    example of dieghos beahvior on loka : "In all, he was indicted 21 times but escaped conviction each time, except for the last.[2][3] In 1981, McElroy was convicted of shooting and seriously injuring the town's 70-year-old grocer, Ernest "Bo" Bowenkamp, the previous year.[1] McElroy successfully...
  3. SayreSlayer

    Keep diego banned

    i got off tarkov to play towny with my little brother, checked disc for the first time in the week and saw diego was banend. I want to say that this is probably the best move that the loka staff has made this year. Appaluse to everyone involved. Such a TOXIC member like him deserves to quarted...
  4. SayreSlayer

    Territory Colors

    make it a system where you can give individual towns in your alliance to have perms to change only their colour if you're alliance owner, much like perms for other things. that way you dont have a rainbow on every continent but alliance owners can choose to let people do their thang
  5. SayreSlayer

    UghBraces for Slicer

    jus taking a break so i can go to college without having to spend all night playing w/ legos
  6. SayreSlayer

    UghBraces for Slicer

    obviously everyone here is memeing. HOW CAN AN LCR BE SO DISCONNECTED WITH HIS VOTERs??
  7. SayreSlayer

    Suggestion GaramaMC? we want lokamc.

    cov came back so great neews u wont have to be fighting at all anymore
  8. SayreSlayer

    Suggestion GaramaMC? we want lokamc.

    foxy im actually about to remove your roles from the alliance again
  9. SayreSlayer

    FroggyFruit for Sentry

    i offered his stuff back multiple times and still will repay him for killing him. it was a joke. that brewer was dog though
  10. SayreSlayer

    thank you admins for saucing up unreadi

    thank you admins for saucing up unreadi
  11. SayreSlayer

    Posting a different fruit every day until I obtain a Crypt head - Pac_Man Edition

    if frogs brewers were a blender they'd be a juiceroo ong
  12. SayreSlayer

    FroggyFruit for Sentry

    -1 theres a reason you dont even have slicer yet
  13. SayreSlayer

    Suggestion GaramaMC? we want lokamc.

    waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaa
  14. SayreSlayer

    Suggestion GaramaMC? we want lokamc.

    jakeman was there???
  15. SayreSlayer

    Suggestion GaramaMC? we want lokamc.

    yeah it dont lag no more dumb diego