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Recent content by Qfu

  1. Qfu

    Suggestion Conquest Ideas

    preach girl !!!! +1
  2. Qfu

    gucci gangers reunite B)

    gucci gangers reunite B)
  3. Qfu

    Possibly Nova's Last Appeal?

    +1 need more action on loka
  4. Qfu

    OtakuBookWorm For Guardian

    Ignore the haters!!!! :) A friendly, kind and caring individual which I can see as a guardian! +1
  5. Qfu

    DeceitfulPear for Guardian

    +6999999 !! !! #! !##! #! DEMOTED ME FROM OWNER BUT STILL A DAD!! <<3 XOOXO
  6. Qfu

    special_llama for Sentry

    old enough to be my mom +1
  7. Qfu

    Danksgiving 2018 November 24th

    Sign Xlan, SuchSkills and I for the potion 3v3- will pay when free.
  8. Qfu

    Danksgiving 2018 November 24th

    Sign me up for the 1v1 tournament, but I'd say remove the damage pots
  9. Qfu

    ah yes vvvv

    ah yes vvvv
  10. Qfu

    Spawn Stealing

  11. Qfu


  12. Qfu

    Cancelling Fights Due to Lag is Not Tolerated

    Wow, this is free likes !
  13. Qfu

    No Plans to Implement Religious Wars

    indubitably +1111
  14. Qfu

    Pearl_Kadel for Slicer :D

    Helpful, mature & kind. ( Has a boyfriend on Loka which likes memes ) + 11111111