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Recent content by Qfu

  1. Qfu

    Suggestion A few Quality of Life and General Suggestions

    party pooper
  2. Qfu

    Loka Spotify Playlist

  3. Qfu

    What makes a Good 1.9 PvP Server

    just change the damage to 66.6% or 99.9% i dont see what the problem is...
  4. Qfu

    Seeking Religious Advice

    I heard you are requiring assistance? I’m kind of a god myself
  5. Qfu

    No one cares

    No one cares
  6. Qfu

    Suggestion Valuable items stopped despawning

    I like the burial idea, think it'd be quite neat; not sure about the others though
  7. Qfu

    Qfu for Community Representative

    Age: 16 Current rank: Slicer *Apologies if the application is really short, just wanted to keep it straight to the point. No one likes long-winded players or applicants! *cough* What you think is expected of position: I believe that a community representative should be a knowledgeable and...
  8. Qfu

    Kaph for Sentry Representative

    -1. Without being biased, one of my memories of Kaph which really struck me was when he made all of his town members log on for a fight just to tell them to not warp so that the enemies KDs do not get boosted. I strongly believe that type of mentality isn't correspondent to someone who is a...
  9. Qfu

    Suggestion Third Option for Accepting Duel Requests

    Why can’t you just not accept it though
  10. Qfu

    Suggestion /g autopromote

    Well some players could just cheat to get prestige (eg stealing from storage and handing it in), they could basically be farming prestige. An owner will be needed so that they can certify that all of the goods handed it were obtained appropriately before promoting you; I don’t believe having...
  11. Qfu

    Marblesack12 for Community Representative

    -1 didn’t give me my kahoot gift which was promised
  12. Qfu

    Friendly Neighborhood Spiderm3n looking for work!

    +1 He truly is my- Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man.
  13. Qfu


  14. Qfu

    Thwartin' be Hard

    Honestly, the rules regarding what you can and cannot do whilst raiding has to loosen up. Not being able to trick players into letting you into their base etc is frankly quite a dumb rule, havent seen any other servers with that rule. Not allowing glitching into bases is obviously against the...