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Recent content by PartayArc

  1. PartayArc

    TeamTrees but its Loka

    Are the trees also being saved from Valentia?
  2. PartayArc

    Add One Sentence!

    Ascalon became the only continent and Thanius_ became Evil 2.
  3. PartayArc

    Add One Sentence!

    The whales ended up having a tea party with the cows.
  4. PartayArc

    Add One Sentence!

    Then everyone on loka was happy.
  5. PartayArc

    Closed Aurulian Nether's Eve Festival

    Can I have the pumpkin king's autograph and will the horseman show up for this?
  6. PartayArc

    Suggestion Wasted Potential on Golden Apples

    I think blood does that already
  7. PartayArc

    Suggestion Wasted Potential on Golden Apples

    Would the proposed Speed III or the prevention of golem aggro only be in conquest?
  8. PartayArc

    Suggestion Wasted Potential on Golden Apples

    What happens if you don't have Speed II and can't bow boost yourself?
  9. PartayArc

    Add One Sentence!

    Sinyphus became disappointed in the discovery of The Knife's true purpose.
  10. PartayArc

    I don't like this community

    Don't worry Mason, DD is wealthy due to Malt's dirt :3
  11. PartayArc

    What is your title in your town?

    Miracalis: Master Alchemist Dong Dank: Better Than Pell *blame malt* Silverhand: Alpha *I think Kaph gave me this* Azure City: "Rich Rich"
  12. PartayArc

    Suggestion Rewards for Age

    /afk was removed due to people spamming it so now its a "guessing game" to see who is afk for x time
  13. PartayArc

    Suggestion Rewards for Age

    How would you tell AFK time?
  14. PartayArc

    Possibly Nova's Last Appeal?

    Well I mean define how you see “far fetched” and did you necessarily need to look for that old of evidence? If you could have found some that were surely close to April or May? Is this judgement based on the fact you still have a grudge against him or something you disagreed with him from a long...